Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua brings Ruhaan back home

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ruhaan is strangling Dua but Ajaz attacks him from behind and they both faint. He checks Dua and says she can’t die. He says if anyone of them dies then Gazal won’t spare me.

Gazal is hugging Haider but he is dizzy and says Dua please come close to me. Gazal says enough of her name, I am your wife. Haider says I miss you so much Dua. Gazal says I want my right as his wife. She says look at me, its Gazal. Haider says Dua you are so beautiful, I like everything about you, you are my everything. Please don’t leave me. Gazal is angry and says I want to hit him, she says its Gazal. If you think I am Dua then I don’t care, I will have a marriage night at any cost and soon he will start loving me. I am your Dua and I want to spend my night in your arms. He brings him closer. Haider hugs her and says are you Dua? what’s wrong with me. He pushes her away.

Gulnaz, Ravi and Hafeez go out to find Dua. Ravi is trying to trace her location. They reach the location, Gulnaz says I will come with you.

Ajaz checks Dua and Ruhaan’s pulses, he says they both are alive. He checks the money bag that Dua brought. He says I am going to be rich now, he starts leaving but recalls how Dua had slapped him. He says I can never forget how she insulted me, she has to die now. He takes the hammer and goes to Dua. He is about to hit her. He says Dua is going to die a bad death.. I can’t kill her. She shouldn’t have insulted me.

Gazal is trying to romance with Haider.. he sees her and says stay away from me. He pushes her off the bed and goes to sleep.. he says where is Dua? Gazal says enough of Dua. She tries to get up but has back pain. She cries but can’t get up.

Gulnaz shows the chilies that she brought. She tells Ravi and Hafeez that she will go with them to find Dua. Hafeez enters the godown with Ravi and Gulnaz. Ajaz hides and makes their video. Ajaz says they are all going to be trapped. Ajaz takes Ruhaan from there and asks him to wake up. Ruhaan wakes up and Ajaz shows him Hafeez’s video, he says Hafeez attacked you but your mother saved you today. Ruhaan says I won’t spare anyone who is against me. Ajaz says you have to be patient, Gazal told me to stay true to her promise. Ruhaan lies down and Ajaz asks him to remember Gazal’s promise. Ajaz leaves.

Gulnaz finds Dua and they all rush to her. Gulnaz prays for her and she wakes up. She asks about Ruhaan, Gulnaz asks where is Ruhaan? I felt him near me but then Ajaz attacked me. He took money bag too. We have to search for Ruhaan. Dua finds Ruhaan lying there. They all rush to him. Gulnaz cries and asks him to wake up. Dua says we are here, please wake up. Gulnaz asks him to wake up. Ruhaan acts like he is unconscious. Dua says we should take him home.

Dua and others bring Ruhaan back home. The doctor checks him and says he will wake up soon. He leaves. Gulnaz cries and thanks Dua for saving him. Dua says don’t thank me, you saved my life. Ruhaan wakes up and all are surprised. Gulnaz says thank God he is okay. She says I was so worried about you. Dadi says we prayed so much for you. Dua asks how is he? Ruhaan thinks she will have to pay for her deeds. Dua says Gazal and Ajaz’s game are going to end now. Ruhaan thinks she is such a liar, she tried to kill me and now blaming Gazal. I will not spare her. Dua starts leaving from there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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