Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider is angry at Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua finds a white cloth in a corner and smells it. She says this is the same fragrance that Gulnaz uses, it means she was the one who was scaring Hina. Dua comes to the kitchen and doesn’t let her wash the glasses. She finds some powder in the glass that was in Hina’s room and recalls how she drank water last night.

Haider and Ruhaan smell food. They come to the kitchen and find Hina cooking. Haider says you should rest, we will take care of it. Hina says I am okay. Ruhaan says what if 2 assistants help her? Haider says Mumtaz went to the market and Dua is.. she might be busy. Ruhaan says I am not talking about them.

Gulnaz is getting ready and praising herself. She says Gazal is impressing me a lot. Dua comes there with the cloth and glass. Gulnaz is shocked and asks if she has some work? Dua says this dupatta has your fragrance so it yours? Gulnaz says no, are you blaming me for something? Dua shows her powder in the glass and says these are sleeping pills that only you take in the house. You can’t sleep because you think bad for others. Gulnaz says what are you saying? Dua says you know what I am talking about, you know what happened last night and I will tell Haider what is going on in this house. Gulnaz says if you tell him then you will have to tell him the complete secret, do you want to do that? Dua is worried and leaves from there. Gulnaz smirks.

Haider and Ruhaan come to Hina as chefs. They start helping her cook. They both fight over who will taste it first. Hina asks them to stop it and says I will give it to Gazal first as she is my new daughter. Haider says I will be thankful to her for taking care of you. Hina says I don’t want anymore pain in her life.

Mumtaz is sitting sadly outside the kitchen and tells Gazal that Ammi has found 2 new assistants so my job is in danger. Gazal enters the kitchen and finds Ruhaan-Haider helping Hina. Ruhaan says Gazal is lucky that Haider is cooking for her. Hina says she has just seen pain but now she will have family love. Haider says even I am impressed by her, she didn’t lose strength after that incident and even takes care of you, she is stronger. Gazal smiles but then looks at Hina and thinks my strength will be shown when I take my revenge. Haider sees her and asks her to come inside. She trips but Haider holds her and asks if she is okay? she nods. Haider says you should be careful and don’t ask Hina for dishes daily otherwise I will become a full-time chef. Ruhaan whispers to Gazal that he can cook for her daily if she wants. Dua comes there and tries to talk to Haider but he ignores her and says I don’t want to talk to you. Dua asks what happened? Haider takes her from there. Gazal looks on.

Haider tells Dua that you know what happened last night? if it was not for Gazal then who would have taken care of Ammi? Gulnaz comes there and says Haider is right to be angry at you. Haider tells her to not interfere and leaves. Gulnaz laughs and tells Dua that he didn’t even listen to you. Dua says you should be thankful that I didn’t tell him yet because you remember what Rahat threatened you with? don’t try to harm my family again otherwise I won’t be silent. She leaves. Gulnaz is angry but Gazal comes there and asks her to calm down, I am just thinking when Haider knows the truth about Dua and Hina then how he will react.

Haider is getting ready and is not wearing the clothes that Dua chose. She comes there and thinks I can’t tell him why I couldn’t help Ammi last night. Dua says you are so angry at me that you are not even looking at me. Haider says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have expectations from you which you can’t handle. You know if it was not for Gazal then what would have happened with Ammi?

Gazal is thinking about Haider. Ruhaan comes there and says what are you thinking? Gazal says I am lucky to get a family like this. Ruhaan says your would be mother in law was cooking for you. Gazal recalls Haider cooking for her and says you are right, I am lucky to have such a loving mother in law. Ruhaan gets happy and says you said yes to me? I will go and talk to Dua about our marriage. Gazal looks on and smirks. She says I will become their daughter in law but as Haider’s wife so I have to play with this Ruhaan as everything is fair in love and war.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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