Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider tries defending Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ruhaan tells Dua that I took you as my friend but you are a liar and double-faced person. Haider shouts at him and raises his hand but Ruhaan stops him. Haider says you don’t know what you are saying, you have lost your mind. He says you can beat me if you want to but I won’t be silent today.. I won’t bear anyone insulting Gazal anymore. He tells Gulnaz that I always stayed silent when these people insulted you for years, I am sorry for not understanding your pain before, he hugs her. He tells Haider that I have learned to respect and protect honor of my mother and my would-be wife from you. Would you have stayed silent if someone said anything against Hina or Dua? no right. Haider shouts him but Hina asks him to stop it, he is not wrong this time. You and your wife are wrong this time. Kaynaat says Dua is not lying. Hina asks everyone to leave from there, end this matter, she asks Haider to take his wife from there. He angrily leaves. Gazal smirks and hugs Hina, she smirks at Dadi. they all leave. Dua thinks I am sure Gazal has done something with Dadi.

Gulnaz praises Gazal and says I dreamed of this day for years and you made it possible. Haider couldn’t defend Dua and my son took my side against Dua for the first time. This is my first win and I can’t keep my feet on the ground. Gazal says we will have more days of happiness. You can praise me when I get married to Haider. Gulnaz says now I believe that Dua’s reign in this house is going to end. What did you do with Dadi?

Haider tells Hina that it doesn’t matter who was wrong or right but Ruhaan shouldn’t misbehave with Dua, she is his elder. Hina says Dua’s antics are making younger lot lose respect for her.. Dua keeps insulting his love so he had to speak up. Dua has done a lot for the family but I don’t want her to become a rift between brothers otherwise I won’t forgive her. Haider says Dua just want this family’s happiness. Hina says but she is hurting everyone.. I trusted your father more than myself but what did he do? he brought another wife and killed my trust.. so you shouldn’t blindly trust Dua. We do mistakes about trusting people. Your father killed my trust and wishes after bringing another woman in the house so I don’t want Dua to divide this house. Haider says I won’t let it happen. Don’t worry and don’t cry anymore.

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Rahat hears Kaynaat crying and goes to her. He asks what happened? She says what’s happening with Dua is wrong. Rahat says but Dadi didn’t agree with her. Kaynaat says why would she go against Dua?

Hina asks Haider why would Dadi take Gazal’s side against Dua when she doesn’t even like her? maybe its Dua who is lying? Haider looks on.

Dua is sitting in her room and recalls everything that happened. She thinks why did Dadi save Gazal? Haider comes there and looks away. Dua says I am not lying.. he stops her and says don’t say anything. I know you care for the family but what about you? I can’t see you stressed. Everyone can think you are wrong but I will always take your side. Dua smiles and hugs him. They both lie on the bed. Haider sings for her to calm her down. Gazal is outside their room and is jealous. She thinks I have to be patient to get him. Dua goes to sleep. Haider thinks why would Dadi not take Dua’s side if she is not lying? what is going on.

In the morning, Dadi is crying silently. Dua comes there and says don’t be ashamed, just calm down. Gazal comes there and says I took away her peace. You must be thinking why she didn’t take your side? Gulnaz says don’t tell her your tricks. Gazal says I will send her to a place from where she can’t talk. She points a gun at Dua. All are shocked. Gazal says you must be scared to see death near? Dua says you are so cheap that you keep surprising me. Gazal says I will keep surprising you. Dua holds the gun and asks her to shoot.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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