Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider takes a stand for Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua asks Dadi who pushed you from the stairs.. did Gazal push you? Dadi doesn’t blink.. Dua asks her to blink and tell them the truth. She asks her to expose Gazal. Dadi doesn’t blink. Dua asks her to tell them the truth but Hina stops her and says enough.. you keep blaming Gazal for no reason, she is innocent. Ruhaan says Dadi is not blaming her. Dua says this girl is the culprit. She asks Dadi to answer them and blink.. our honor and safety is in your hands. Dadi looks away from her. Gulnaz thinks how did she look away from Dua? Dua asks Dadi if she loves her? Dadi blinks. Dua asks if Gazal pushed her from the stairs? Dadi doesn’t blink. Dua says I think Gazal threatened her. She asks what did you say to her? did you threaten her? She asks Dadi to expose her, don’t be scared. Gazal tells Dadi that I am ready for punishment if I am the culprit. She rubs her feet to intimidate her. Dua asks her to stay away from Dadi, you keep threatening her. She asks Dadi to expose her, I am here. Gulnaz asks her to stop this drama, what’s your issue with Gazal? you are even using Dadi but she is not taking your side. She tells the family to leave now but Haider asks them to wait. He says why do you all negate Dua’s claims? we have to find out how did this happen with Dadi so we will stay here till we find out the truth. Gulnaz thinks this fool is always with Dua. Hina says Dadi didn’t answer Dua in agreement. Haider says but she didn’t deny it, it means the truth is still hidden. Gazal thinks I hope he shows some support for me later on. Ruhaan says we shouldn’t stress Dadi. Haider says she is strong, we have to find out who the culprit is. He asks Dadi if Gazal pushes her? Gazal says yes, tell Haider if I pushed you from the stairs? Dadi is scared of her. Haider tells her to tell them the truth, did Gazal push you from the stairs? All look on.. Dadi blinks two times which means no. Haider looks at Dua and asks Dadi if Gazal didn’t push her from the stairs? Dadi blinks in yes. Dua says no.. this can’t be true. She asks Dadi how can you change your statement? Gazal asks if she slipped from the stairs? Dadi blinks one time in yes. Gazal smirks and acts like thanking her. Hina says we all knew you are innocent except Dua. Dua says this girl must have threatened Dadi. Hina says enough.. you have been proven wrong so if you say anything against Gazal again then I won’t spare you. Haider says Dua is just worrying about Dadi, she might have mistakenly took her blinks wrongly. Gulnaz says wow.. its her sin to blame Gazal for no reason. Haider says you need to understand.. Gulnaz says enough, Gazal is my daughter in law so I won’t let anyone insult her anymore. She tells Dua to never blame her for no reason. Dua says enough.. you are such a fake person, you are destroying this family when you know your own kids will bear the burnt. Ruhaan shouts at Dua to stop it, I won’t hear anything against Ami, she is my mother. Gulnaz gets emotional and recalls how Gazal promised to bring her son on her side. Haider tells Ruhaan to not talk to Dua like that. Ruhaan says she kept blaming Gazal but I was silent because I respect her, she even lied to me when I confided into her that I love Gazal.. she doesn’t deserve be called my bhabhi, this woman is a liar and a lowlife. Haider gets angry and is about to slap him but Ruhaan grabs his hand, all are shocked.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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