Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dua wants to help Gazal agai

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd December 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider comes home and calls the servant Mumtaz. He shows Dua’s photo to her in the newspaper. Dua comes there and thinks if he is still angry? Haider asks Mumtaz to get this photo framed, Dua smiles upon hearing that. She thinks I am lucky to have a husband like Haider, he gives me strength.

Dadi is angry looking at Dua’s photo and says she didn’t have her dupatta because of that goon. Hina says its not Dua’s fault. Dadi says you didn’t stop her from going outside, you wanted Dua to repent for your sins, your mistake made an innocent person years ago. You think Dua helping Gazal is her duty but its putting her in trouble. Hina says I am with Dua. Dadi says do you know what will happen if Haider gets to know the truth? Hina says Haider should never find that secret. Gulnaz has hidden a microphone in the room and hears them. She thinks what’s the secret?

Dua comes to Haider, she looks at the newspaper framed and says this doesn’t have my photo? Haider says this shows your bravery but I still don’t like someone taking off my wife’s dupatta. Dua says its okay, I understand. Dua says we have a delivery so I will prepare for the flowers. Haider smiles and goes to get ready.

Ruhaan comes to Gazal’s house and rings the bell but she is not opening up. Ruhaan gets worried and jumps from window. Gazal is standing on the stool and is about to fall down but Ruhaan holds her. She pushes him away and says what are you doing here? Ruhaan says why are you gathering all the stuff? Gazal says these old items have memories but I have to sell it. Ruhaan says why would you do it? Gazal says you wouldn’t understand what poverty is, I won’t get a job because everyone knows Haider is against me so they wouldn’t go against him by hiring me. I don’t even have money for food so I have to sell all this, I pray that your brother never has happiness. Ruhaan says I can give you some money. Gazal says don’t think you can buy my self-respect with charity. Ruhaan says I am just helping you. Gazal says just leave me alone. Ruhaan says I can’t leave you like this, I will help you.

Ruhaan calls Dua and tells her about Gazal’s condition, he says she doesn’t even have money to eat, Haider shouldn’t have done that with her. Dua says I will correct Haider’s mistake, don’t worry.

Gulnaz looks at Haider, Dua and Hina’s photos. She says Rahat and Dadi know the secret but what is it? It is all connected to Gazal somehow.

Dua is worried for Gazal and thinks she won’t take my help but I have to do something without Haider finding out. Haider comes there and asks what happened? Dua says I want to ask for something but you might not like it. Haider says just ask me. Dua says can you give a job to Gazal at your store? Haider glares at her and says you still worry about her? Dua says I worry about you, you did a mistake by taking away her job opportunity, she is in poor condition and I don’t want her curse to fall upon you, can’t you help a person in need? Haider asks who told you about her condition? Dua says Ruhaan called me.

Haider calls Ruhaan and asks him to bring Gazal to the house. Ruhaan gets worried and says okay. He ends the call and asks Gazal to come with him. Dua wants you to come with me. Gazal says I am not coming anywhere. Ruhaan says please just come with me.

Dua asks Haider why did he call Gazal to the house? Haider says because she has become more important than me. You can keep her here. Dua says you are taking me wrongly. Haider says you asked me for something right? I will fulfill it.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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