Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina saves Gulnaz from Rahat

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina tells Gulnaz how could you do all this with Gazal? Haider asks Gazal how did your earring with blood was in my room? Gazal says what earring? Ruhaan says the one that I gifted you. Gazal says Gulnaz snatched the earrings from me because I don’t deserve those.. I don’t remember what happened after that in the house. Gulnaz shouts that she is lying. Haider shouts that you were lying and putting all the blame on Dua.. you should be ashamed, how could you stoop this low? Gulnaz asks him to not misbehave with her. She tells Ruhaan to trust her, Gazal is lying. Ruhaan says I will find out the truth. He goes to check something. Gulnaz asks Gazal why is she doing all this? I was always with you so don’t lie. Ruhaan comes back and says you are lying. He finds red color bottle in Gulnaz’s room and says why was this in your room? Gulnaz is shocked and says Gazal asked me to put the earring in Dua’s room. Gazal says why would I do that? she wanted to frame Dua for me leaving the house. She says even my finger was injured by Gulnaz so I couldn’t get engaged to you. Gulnaz tries to attack her but Ruhaan stops her and says I don’t trust you anymore. I thought you had changed but I was wrong. You are still a liar and a selfish person. You never took care of your kids’ happiness. Other people raised us, if you never wanted to raise us then why did you give birth to us? Gulnaz cries and says please don’t say all that. Dua hints at Gazal to leave. Gazal tells Ruhaan that Gulnaz not only tried to separate us but she even made poor Noor pay for all this. Gulnaz tries to stop her but Ruhaan pushes her away. Gazal says Noor got burned because of Gulnaz only, all are shocked. Gazal says Gulnaz had left a potato over the top to burn Dua but Noor came there and got burned instead of Dua. Hina says you tried to burn my Dua? Gulnaz says she is lying, please trust me. Noor tells Gulnaz that you burned your own daughter? She goes to Hina and hugs her. Gulnaz cries and says this girl is fooling everyone, you all are idiots. This girl has done so many wrong things. Gazal threw Dadi from the stairs.. she injured Hina and she made Momo leave the house. All are shocked. Gulnaz says this girl wants to destroy us all, she wants to take revenge from Hina because.. Rahat shouts at her to shut up and slaps her hard. All are shocked. Kaynaat whispers that he should have let her expose Gazal. Rahat tells Gulnaz that it was a mistake to marry you, I destroyed my happy family by marrying you.. I did a mistake but I will rectify it today. You will not stay here anymore. Gulnaz cries and asks Ruhaan-Noor to stop him but Rahat drags her away and asks her to get lost. Gulnaz shouts Gazal.. you will be destroyed, my curse will fall on you. You broke my house so you will never fulfill your dream. Rahat tries to drag her but Hina stops him. All look on. Hina says Rahat you can’t throw her out of the house. Rahat says didn’t you hear what she did? Hina glares at him and says you did a mistake too, you married her but no one threw you out of the house. You brought her home and now you want to throw her out to do justice with me? Rahat tells Gulnaz that you tried to destroy this woman all your life but she is saving you today. Change your ways. Dua glares at Gazal and thinks nobody will save her.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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