Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua exposes Gazal’s designer

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal tells the family that she has invited a famous designer Aarav Malhotra. Aarav enters the house while all look on. Gazal welcomes him and says I am honored to work for Haider Boutique. Gazal tells Haider that he is very famous when it comes to designing clothes for bridal fashion weeks. He even designs for celebrities. Aarav tells Haider that he has heard good things about his designs, your designs were so nice but no one knows who your designer is. Haider looks at Dua and says our designer doesn’t want to work for us anymore. He asks him to show his designs. Aarav calls his models. Gazal and Hina like the designs. Aarav says they are different than your regular designs and are modern too. Gazal says these designers are so unique and modern, we will win for sure. Hina says bless you Gazal, you have given a good answer to your enemies. Dua looks on. Gazal asks Haider if he likes he designs? Haider asks if he can show more designs? Aarav says we could only make one design in the payment you did. Gulnaz says what? it means Gazal didn’t give them 10 lacs? she stole the remaining money? Haider asks Gazal if she didn’t give him whole payment? Gazal says I gave them 10 lacs in full. Aarav says that’s the price of one of my designs, you should have asked about my prices before hiring me. We can only give you one design in this price. Hina thinks this girl is embarrassing me again. Gazal shouts at Aarav that you can’t charge this much. Aarav says we decide all this beforehand, I think you are new that’s why you don’t know how it works. Gazal shouts to stop telling her how it works. Aarav says talk with respect, I am not some cheap tailor, if you couldn’t afford me then why did you connect with me? he tells Haider that I respected your business but now I feel like you hire cheap designers for your work. Dua shouts enough, don’t you dare say a word against Haider designs. Aarav asks who is she? Dua says I am the same designers who made all of our designs and you were praising them just now. I know how my business works and I know how to deal with people like you. Aarav says if you are a designer then you should know how much money I spent on my design and material. Dua says I know that and I will show you what it actually costs. She looks at his design and starts writing down the cost of the materials. Dua tells Aarav that you have used cheap material and insulting us? Dua says the total cost of this design is approx. 8K only. Dua tells Gazal that you bought this dress for 10 kacs? Aarav says I charge for my design which only I can make. Dua says you are not an artist but a con-artist. She shows the same design on the internet and says you stole this design from someone else. Now you are charging 10 lacs for it? you might have a good design degree but we learn artistry from childhood, my father taught me that design should talk about the artist and should make everyone feel good about them. Gazal tells Dua that I know you are from a designer family but stop bragging. Haider asks Gazal to shut up, you said big words but you don’t even know our business model. Only very few people can buy these expensive clothes, our business model is offering high quality designs in affordable prices, value for money. You tried to play tricks but you are such a dumb girl. Ruhaan is angry hearing all that, he thinks my Gazal is trying to help him and he is insulting her only. Aarav says I won’t stay here to get insulted. He starts to leave but Dua stops him and says you need to return our money because you didn’t deliver what we asked for. He says the design is already here. Dua says I already told you the real price of it so give our money back. Aarav says I won’t but what can you do? Dua says I will destroy your image on social media, I will expose you that you steal designs of poor artists. Noor and Kaynaat say we will start a campaign. Aarav gets scared and stops them. He says I will pay the money back but please don’t post anything. He gives the cheque to Dua. He starts to leave but Dua stops him and says there is still something. She brings 8K along with his traveling cost and says we never exploit anyone. He takes it and leaves. Dua tells Gazal that you were taunting me a lot but it was me only that saved our money. I might be a houswife but I know how our business runs. I keep an eye on everything so don’t you dare try comparing me to yourself. She tells Haider that he should be happy with his new business partner.. if she keeps this up then he will soon see his business in loss. Gazal looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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