Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua tries exposing Gazal using Dadi

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina tells Gazal that Dua has found a way to talk to Dadi. Gazal asks how? Hina says because of Momo, Dadi used to scold her a lot so she used to wear headphones and would read her lips only, she started understanding her through her eyes only. I just hope Dua wouldn’t be against you anymore. Gazal thinks she has to keep an eye on Momo, she tries to leave but Hina stops her and says take care, Gazal nods and leaves. Gazal meets with Gulnaz and says we have an issue. Momo is able to read Dadi’s face and she might decipher about who pushed her down the stairs.

Dua tells Dadi that to answer her, she has to blink her eyes two times. Dua asks her if she went upstairs to gather proof? Dadi blinks two times. Dua asks if Gazal pushed her from the stairs? Dadi recalls it and gets jittery. She blinks so Dua hugs her and cries. Gazal hides and hears all that. She thinks that Dadi will expose me like this. Dua says she tried to kill you, she is inhumane, she will have to pay for this, I will expose her now. Gazal thinks I can’t let her do that. Dua says I will tell everyone about her truth, I will not spare her, I will call everyone now. Gazal thinks I can’t let her do it. Dua calls everyone there but all are sleeping so Dua says I will go and bring them here. She leaves from there. Gazal says I have to do something.

Dua comes to the family and says Dadi.. Hina asks what happened? Dua says she is okay. Gulnaz asks her to let them sleep then. Dua says its time to wake up, she tells Haider to come with her to Dadi’s room. They all go there. Dua brings them to Dadi’s room. She asks where is Gazal? she has to be present here.

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Dua comes to Gazal’s room and says its time for you to pay for your deeds, you have to leave this house now. Gazal asks her to get lost. Dua slaps her hard and shouts at her to shut up. This is my house and I have built it with love.. Haider is mine so you can never get him, you will pay for what you did with Dadi. Gazal says you shouldn’t have slapped me. Dua says you tried to kill Dadi, I won’t spare you. She drags her and brings her to Dadi’s room. Hina says what is going on? Dua says its time to expose her. Hina says why are you becoming her enemy? Dua says why can’t you see her real face? I will throw her out of the house today. I will expose what she did with Dadi today. Hina says you keep blaming her for no reason. Haider says tell us what she did? Dua says Dadi didn’t have an accident, she was pushed from the stairs and the one who tried to kill her is Gazal only. All are shocked. Ruhaan says she can never do that. Rahat says how did you find out? Dadi can’t talk. Gulnaz says stop blaming my future daughter in law. Hina says you keep blaming an innocent Gazal? Dua says I will ask questions from Dadi and she will answer me by blinking once. She asks Dadi if she is ready? Dadi blinks. Gulnaz says how can we believe her? Dua says her mind is working fine so she can blink. Dua says I will ask Dadi some simple questions first. She asks about her favorite food and Dadi blinks correctly. All agree that her answers are correct. Rahat says it means Dua is right. Dua asks Dadi who pushed her from the stairs? did Kaynaat do it? did I push you? did Gazal push you? Dadi looks at her and all look on.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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