Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dua and Haider different idealogies

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st December 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua asks Haider if he can’t see how he has made her brave? he should be happy for her. Haider says I don’t feel happy, I like people are praising you but I have some boundaries for my wife and I don’t want you crossing those, our family has an honor so we must protect it. Dua says the family is made with love and not some shallow honor. I didn’t have a father but you people accepted me, and made me part of this family. You got my sister a job and got my mother treated, you have supported me all the way, I love you and I respect you a lot but what I did was my duty so can’t you praise me? Haider says you were lucky this time but you can’t be every time, I can never forget him taking off your dupatta, he can do anything. Dua says the dupatta doesn’t define my character. Haider says people are looking at your photo and they might have ill thoughts about you which makes my blood boil. Dua says if they have bad thoughts then it’s not my problem, our religion says that women should cover themselves but men should always keep their gazes lowered. Haider says if you are not scared of anything or listening to me then it’s okay. Dua says I cover my head as per my wish but if someone doesn’t cover their head then that doesn’t mean men can say anything about them, Gulnaz doesn’t cover her head but its her choice, every girl should have a choice. Haider says you think your thoughts are above our honor? Dua says if I don’t wear a dupatta for a day then that means I don’t respect you? Haider says I didn’t know I married a woman with such free thoughts. Dua says I respect this family, I have never disrespected you, I love you but look at this photo and tell me if you feel ashamed of your wife? Haider asks her to stop it. Dua makes him sit down and asks him to calm down, she says if anyone finds out that you and Gazal were alone in the bathroom then they would question your intentions but I never did because I trust you. I wanted to punish Iqbal because he wanted to hurt you. Haider says I can’t bear people talking ill about you, you should have never crossed your boundaries. I am old-fashioned and I thinks woman should remain in the house. Dua says I have always fulfilled my duties to this house. Haider says people don’t think like you and men have ill thoughts which we can’t change so you should be more careful, I have given you freedom so use those wisely. Dua says you think women get freedom as a charity only? I will remember this. Haider says you think I am giving charity to you? Dua says I was wrong to help a woman without parents? I was wrong to not take action against a man who was threatening your life. I did a mistake by putting my family’s honor at risk, I am a woman so only I can do this mistake but men can do anything and they will never be questioned. I am happy to know that you don’t like people taunting me, it shows you love me but you should also know that I wouldn’t be silent against anyone who threatens your life. She asks him again if he feels ashamed to look at her photo or proud of her? Haider thinks we might have different thoughts but I am impressed with her brave attitude. Haider looks at the photo and says this girl is definitely brave, I do agree that any girl in her place would have been silent becuase of fear but she didn’t. Its my wife who fought with a goon alone and got him punished. Dua asks if he is saying the truth? Haider says I do care about what others say about my wife, I am proud of you but you need to understand that family should be your priority and not the world. Haider gets a call and leaves from there. Dua thinks I have put my thoughts above Haider’s thoughts for the first time, I hope he doesn’t take it against Gazal.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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