Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal throws Gulnaz under the bus

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua tells the family that I went there on time otherwise Gazal wouldn’t be alive today. She says I saw Gazal lost in her broken house and a wall was about to fall on her but Ravi and I saved her in time. All are shocked. All guests praise Dua for saving her. Hina says you saved my daughter today. Dua says I hope you all understand why Gazal left today. Hina says thank God you saved her in time. Dua says don’t worry, Gazal is a strong girl.. I mean I won’t let anything happen to her. Ravi and Kaynaat smirk hearing that. Hina says Dua is our savior. Rahat thanks Dua. Gulnaz thinks what is going on and why is Gazal all silent? Haider asks Dua why didn’t she call him? Dua says we didn’t get time to call you. Hina says don’t scold her.. let’s end this matter and do the engagement. Ruhaan says no. He glares at Gazal and says I have some questions before doing the engagement. Dua says we should talk in private. She takes everyone from there. All guests are praising Dua.

Hina asks Ruhaan to not interrupt the engagement, you can ask questions later on. He says no. I want answers before doing this engagement. He asks Gazal if she really wants to marry him or she is being pressurized by the family? Dua says don’t doubt her, she loves you. Ruhaan says I don’t believe that.. she ran away on the engagement day which proves that she is not happy with the engagement. Dua says you can’t read girls.. sometimes we get scared. Hina says she is right, some girls are scared of responsibilities. Ruhaan says but it was an insult that Gazal left without telling us. We were all insulted and she didn’t care. Dua tries to save her but he says I want Gazal to answer. he shouts at Gazal if she is happy with the marriage or not? Rahat says what is going on? stop all this. Haider says no.. Ruhaan has asked a simple question but Gazal is silent which makes me doubt her too. He asks Gazal to speak up if she wants to become part of the family. He asks if she wants to marry Ruhaan? Hina asks her to answer. Rahat says just answer them and end this matter. Gazal looks on, Dua shakes her head. Gazal recalls her condition that she has to leave the house. Gazal says I don’t want to do this engagement. All are shocked. Gazal says I don’t want to marry him. Ruhaan says this was the truth. Dua asks him to calm down. Hina asks Gazal how can she break his heart? how could you do this? Gazal says I am hurt too. I want to marry him and I thought everyone has approved our relationship but there is someone who doesn’t accept our relationship. Dua is confused. Hina asks who? Gazal turns and looks at Dua. Ruhaan says don’t even try to blame Dua for this. Gazal says I am not talking about Dua but your mother Gulnaz. All are shocked. She says Gulnaz doesn’t want Ruhaan and I to get married. Hina says she is not selfish like that. Gazal says Gulnaz thinks that if I marry him then her son will be settling for an orphan, she thinks it will be an dishonor for her. She even blamed me for trapping Ruhaan. Gulnaz says what are you saying? Gazal says I am not lying.. you even to take revenge from Hina and want to put Dua down in other’s eyes and you even want Haider and Ruhaan to become enemies. Dua smirks and thinks its goog she is exposing Gulnaz. Gazal tells Hina that the truth is she never accepted me but she said yes because she thought Dua wouldn’t let this marriage happen but when Dua agreed then she started forcing me to stop this marriage. I kept trying to convince her but today she made me promise on my dead parents to leave the house and forced to blame Dua for this so you all would throw Dua out of the house. All are shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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