Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua tries to talk to Dadi

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider and Ruhaan talk to Dadi and he says I wish you would talk to us. Ruhaan and Haider talk about old memories and how she used to like heroes. Haider gets hurt that Dadi is not talking to them and shouts that how can she be angry at us and not talk at all? Rahat asks him to calm down. Haider cries and asks Dadi to wake up.. if you don’t care then I won’t talk anymore. You wanted me and Rahat to reunite right? I mean my father right? so I am doing it. He hugs Rahat and says I am sorry father. He says don’t apologize. Haider asks Dadi to say something, I can’t see you silent like this? Ruhaan says once I get married to Gazal, she will become totally fine. Dadi starts getting hyper hearing that. Ruhaan says she must be excited about our marriage.

Dua is sitting with Dadi and says I wish I could have saved you. What did you want to tell me? Gazal won again and no one is listening to me, tell me how did you fall down the stairs? Dadi tries to talk but can’t. Mumtaz brings soup for Dadi. Dua makes her drink it but Dadi doesn’t like it. Mumtaz says she always want tasty food, I know she is curing me. She goes from there. Dua gets an idea and calls Mumtaz again, she asks how did you know she was cursing you? Mumtaz says I can understand her hints and thoughts through her eyes only. Dua says I will ask questions from Dadi and you have to answer on her behalf. Dua asks Dadi how many times she saw Taj Mehal? Dadi hints and Mumtaz tells that she went there 2 times. Dua says you are right. Dua asks Dadi who taught you cooking? Dadi gives a hint and Mumtaz answers her. Dua says you are answering all the right things. Dua says I will ask an important question. Hina comes there and says what’s going on? Dua says Mumtaz can read Dadi’s thoughts so I wanted to ask what happened to her. Hina asks her to stop bothering her, she needs rest so I am begging you to leave her alone. Dadi thinks I wish I could get up and drag her by hair for destroying the house. Mumtaz gets a hint and says she is angry at Hina. Hina asks her to stop it. Dua says I know Dadi is worried and wants to tell us something. Hina says stop thinking negatively, you have to make her fine and we all need you so calm down. Hina asks Mumtaz to go home, she leaves from there. Dua tells Dadi that I will make you fine and make your criminals pay. She asks her to try and give her an hint. Dadi thinks how to tell her that Gazal threw her from the stairs.

Gazal comes to Hina and says I brought your medicine. Hina thanks her and takes it. Gazal thinks soon I will give her poison to punish her for taking away my parents. Hina says you seem tensed? Is there something you want to say? Gazal hugs her and says I keep trying to become part of the family but they don’t accept me. Hina says I have accepted you. Gazal says no, Dua keeps doubting me and saying negative things about me, why does she do that? Hina says don’t cry, I know Dua and she is good from heart but she is just worried about Dadi. She has even started reading Dadi by one way. Gazal gets shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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