Rabb Se Hai Dua 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina demands Haider to share a room with Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 1st June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina tells the family that I am going to take an important decision today. Dua asks what decision? Hina tells Dadi that injustice happened with Gazal. Dadi says justice would be to kill her. Hina says you are acting like my enemy, you can’t take a decision because you are biased towards Dua. You are our elder so I want to ask if a man married two women then how should he fulfill his duties? Dadi asks her to stop her drama. Hina says what should Haider do? Dadi says first Haider had to take Dua’s permission and he should have a reason for marrying again. Did Dua not fulfill her duties? was she not good with Haider? only then he should have married again. After marriage, he should behave in equal manner with both the wives. Hina tells Haider that Gazal has all the rights like Dua. She has right on this family, this house, on you and on your body too. All are shocked. Hina tells Haider that he should have understood this on his own. Haider says please stop it. Hina says its a sin if you don’t love Gazal. You didn’t even consumate your marriage with her. Dua says aren’t you ashamed of talking like this in front of your daughters? Hina asks her to stay in her limits, the truth is that you can’t share your husband with another woman. Dua says I don’t care, I have given my husband fully to this shameless girl. Your husband can’t be loyal so I don’t want anything from him. Hina says then why don’t you leave my son? why don’t you take divorce and leave this house? Haider shouts enought, what are you talking about? Hina says if she has issues with you being disloyal then why can’t she leave you? She asks Dua to speak up now? you are a shameless and characterless girl. You used to trap my son but free him now. Dadi asks what right do you want for Gazal now? Hina says he married Gazal so he should give her rights, she tells Haider that you don’t even look at her, what kind of marriage is this? what will be their future? how will we have heir? Dua could never give us that happiness. Haider asks her to stop it. Dadi says she has crossed all limits. Hina says this house is taking away women’s rights. She tells Dua that you were sharing a room with Haider for 3 years but you could never give us a heir so you don’t have a right on that room. She says Gazal will live that room with Haider now. Haider says that can’t happen, that room is of Dus’s, that room is filled with our memories. Dua has brought life to that room so Dua won’t leave. Hina says Gazal will live with her husband, you have to keep her in your room. Haider says Gazal won’t stay in that room, that room is of Dua’s too. Hina says if she has shame then she should leave the house, if not then she can live in a guest room. She tells Haider that there is no place of Dua in your heart, Dua is just there but your real wife is Dua. Haider says enought, my wife is Dua and she is my love.. she is my everything and nobody can take her place. Haider is my everything. Hina says then why did you marry Gazal? Dua doesn’t deserve you, your truth is Gazal. Dua is using your love against your mother. Haider says you have gone so far in your hatred that you can’t see anything. Hina says Dua hasn’t left anything for me to empathize with her. Dadi says what face will you show to God? Hina says its your time to face God soon so start praying for your sins. Haider says how can you talk to Dadi like this? Hina says when Dua talks to me like this then you don’t stop her. Gulnaz tells Hina that you are so wrong today, I am living without my husband too so why can’t Gazal live alone? don’t do this with Dua. Hina says wow.. now Gulnaz will give me advice? Gazal will live in Haider’s room and Dua has to leave. Dua is hurt hearing all that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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