Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua brings Gazal back home

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal breaks the camera but Dua laughs and says we have saved the video through bluetooth already so you can’t be saved. Ravi checks the video but its not working. Gazal tries to snatch his phone but he pushes her away and tells Dua that the camera didn’t record anything. Dua says she shouldn’t find out that we don’t have the video. She tells Gazal that we will expose you now. Gazal says you can’t do this. Dua says the family should find out your real face. Gazal says I have just found a family, your mother in law already took away my parents and now you want to send me to jail? please give me a chance. Dua says fine, I won’t take you to the police but my condition is that you will go away from my family and my husband’s life. Gazal is shocked.

Hina tells family that she won’t allow the police to come to their house. Haider asks why? she says its about our honor, everyone will find out if the police comes here. This news can’t leave this house. Gulnaz says what about Gazal? Haider says Dua and Gazal can be in danger. If we don’t inform the police then it might be too late.

Gazal cries and tells Dua that I love Haider a lot. Dua says when I show him this video then he will hate you and send you to jail. Gazal stops her and says please don’t expose me. Dua says then listen to me.. we have the video and we have sent it to Kaynaat too. If you try to do something then I will show it to the family.

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Haider tells Hina that we have to call the police. He is about to call but Dua arrives back home and calls out to the family. Haider rushes to her and hugs her. Hina says where did you go? we were so worried. Gulnaz says Gazal is still missing, Dua should be blamed for that. Haider says why would she be blamed? Dua says don’t stop her, I know where Gazal is. Hina says where is she? tell us. Dua goes from there and brings Gazal by holding her from her ear. All look on. Gulnaz says what are you doing? leave her. Hina says what is this way? leave her ear. Ruhaan says leave her ear. Haider asks why are you behaving like this with her? Dua says I am not hurting her.. I am just teaching her a lesson as an elder because she did a mistake. She made you all worried. Haider asks what did she do? Gazal is scared. Dua says Gazal ran away from the house to not do the engagement. All are shocked. The guests start gossiping. Gulnaz says why would she do that? you are hiding your mistakes and blaming Gazal. Rahat asks Gazal if she ran away from the house to not do the engagement? All look on. Gazal recalls Dua’s words that she can expose her if she goes against her. Gazal says yes, Dua is right. All are shocked. Gulnaz whispers if she is going crazy? why are you not framing Dua? Ruhaan asks Gazal if she ran away from the engagement? Haider says if you didn’t want to do the engagement then you could have said no but you have insulted us all. Hina says I can’t believe you did this.. we gave you so much love but you made us all feel insulted in front of everyone. Dua says don’t scold her before knowing the truth. The guests say but she shouldn’t have run away from the house. Dua says Gazal ran away from the house but there is a big reason behind that. Gazal is all alone in life, she is an orphan girl and has no one from her family so she wanted to visit her parents’ house. I went there and I saw Gazal crying in her broken house so why are you all blaming her? Hina says you should have told me that you were missing your parents. Dua says she wanted to run away, I saw her in time otherwise she wouldn’t be alive today. Hina says what? Dua hugs her and cries. Gazal thinks she is playing too many games.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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