Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Hafeez tells Dua that Gazal wants to kill Ruhaan

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua wakes up and hugs Haider, she says we have to wake up as its very late. Haider says my sunshine is with me. Dua hears Dadi calling out to Gazal and gets in her senses, she goes away from Haider and says what are you doing in my room? what were you up to? Haider says don’t be angry, I just entered the room and fell asleep. Dua says I don’t care, leave my room. Haider says I needed to use the washroom, you made me eat so much spice so I have to eat it. Dua says I slept with you, what if something happened between us? Haider says many things happened between us, you were so into it. Dua cries and says stay away from me. Haider stops her and says I am not a husband who wouldn’t respect my wife’s wishes, I promise that nothing happened between us. Dua tries to leave but Haider says even if something did happen with us, what’s wrong with that? we both love each other and we are married. Dua says that would have been a mistake, we don’t have love between us anymore, we don’t have trust between us. You broke my trust so I can’t give myself to you. She leaves from there. Haider looks on.

Dua comes to the kitchen and cries, she says why do we have to go through the pain. This Gazal has destroyed everything. She says where is Gazal and still sleeping? She goes to her room and throws water at her. She is shocked to see Hina under the blanket. Hina shouts how dare you do this? you have no shame. Dua says I didn’t mean it. Gazal comes there and rushes to her. All come there. Dadi asks what’s going on now? Dua says I didn’t know Hina was sleeping here. Gazal says you always want to hurt her, I won’t spare you next time you hurt her. Hina says I should tell Haider what Dua is doing with me. I should leave the house as Dua is dangerous, she might burn me. Gazal asks Hina if she wants to pack her bag? Hina is surprised. Dua says she is ready to send you off. Dua says I am sorry Hina, I thought to wake up Gazal as its very late. Hina says shut up, you are so cruel. Dadi says Dua did the right thing. Hina says nobody cares about me anymore. Dua asks everyone to leave.

Gulnaz laughs and says poor things are happening with Hina because of Gazal. Dua says I hurt Hina by mistake, it pains me when I have to talk against her. They all are shocked to see Hafeez coming back home and bleeding. Dua cries and says call the doctor. Ravi takes him from there. The doctor checks Hafeez, Dua cleans his wounds. Kaynaat is worried for him. Dua asks what happened with you? Hafeez says I went to search for Ruhaan, he tells her everything. Then how he was attacked by Gazal. Hafeez says Gazal and Ajaz have planned to kill Ruhaan. Gulnaz says where did they take him? Hafeez gets a message of Ajaz beating up Ruhaan while he is unconscious. Gulnaz cries seeing that. She says I want to kill myself before seeing all this. Dadi slaps her and says calm down, Gulnaz says my son is in pain, what should I do? Dadi says I am crying for him too. Dua is like his sister and a friend but we have to be strong for him. Gulnaz says I am so hurt, Dadi consoles her. Dua says don’t worry, God will show us the path, we will bring Ruhaan back today only, I promise you. Gulnaz says I pray for your success. Gazal hears that and thinks I wanted Dua out of the house so I can enjoy my night with Haider.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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