Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider puts Gazal in place

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina asks Haider to give a chance to Gazal, he looks at Dua but she ignores him. Haider says fine, I will give a chance to Gazal. All are shocked. Dua thinks he is doing wrong. Haider tells Gazal that she can help them as they don’t have another option. Gazal gets excited and says I can’t believe it, she hugs and thanks him. Dua is jealous seeing that. Haider pulls away and says Ravi will tell you about the work. Hina congratulates Gazal and says you are our blessing. Gazal says we will go to the fashion week and win the opening act too. Dua is worried. Dadi says are we fools to choose her? she is a useless girl and will destroy our business. She doesn’t deserve this opportunity. Hina says don’t curse her, you should pray for her success. Dadi says to hell with her. Gazal smirks at Dua and thinks I turned around her game on her. Dua thinks I am stuck in between saving Ruhaan and Haider’s honor.

Haider is working hard and is stressed. Dua thinks she can’t even help him. Gazal comes to him and says she needs 10 lacs for the business. All look on. She says I need this to make new designs. Dua says why would you need 10 lacs to just make designs? Gazal says I want to choose professional designers as we want the best designs. Dua says you are teaching me when I was born into this industry, I used to even help my father in making designs so stop teaching me. Hina says if you knew so much then why didn’t you help Haider when he was begging you? you are jealous seeing Gazal taking over your place? Dadi says she can never take Dua’s place, she can’t even cook so let alone working for the business. You should be thankful for Dua taking care of this house. She asks Haider to give 10 lacs to Gazal as you both are fools and just want to destroy us all. Hina tells Haider that I keep getting insulted but you don’t care, you have to give money to Gazal as I also want to see if my trust in her is right or wrong. Dua says this is wrong. Dadi says let them be, they will open their eyes when they are on the road. Haider asks Dua to bring money from the safe and give it to Gazal. Hina says why would she give it? Gazal has right on your money too so she should give the safe keys to her. Dua looks on. Hina says tell her Haider. Haider sighs and asks Dua to give safe keys to Gazal. Dua is hurt hearing that. Gazal asks Dua why are you standing here? give me the keys for my house. Dua gives the keys to Gazal while Haider looks on. Gazal smirks and goes from there. Ruhaan thinks if she hates Haider then why is she helping Haider? I don’t know what’s going on with her. Dua thinks this evil woman will destroy Haider. What can I do to save my family from her.

Gazal opens the safe and says I am such a good player that I got the safe keys.. soon I will have ownership of their property and everything. She takes the money and turns around to see Dua standing there. Gazal says you wanted to see how my time is changing? these keys are making me feel like owner of this house now. You wanted to blackmail me but I am a queen here, you can’t stop me from using Ruhaan and now even I own these keys. Soon I will own everything like this property and even Haider’s heart. Haider comes there and says my heart not some piece that can be auctioned to any girl. My heart is owned by one girl only and her name is Dua Haider Akhtar, just remember that I am your husband and I will fulfill my duties but my heart is owned by Dua only. Gazal says that’s unfair, you have married me so I have a right on everything that’s yours. Haider says I don’t care if its unfair, I married you but my heart is owned by Dua and only she will be there. Gazal is angry hearing that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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