Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua blackmails Gazal using Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider comes home and tells the family that we have to submit out bridal collection and if we win then we will get the chance to host the final bridal fashion week. Hina says that’s a great opportunity. Haider tells Dua that her responsibilities are going to increase, she has to look after all the ideas and provide her inputs. If we win this then we will have great opportunities, are you ready for this project? Gazal says I am part of this house too and I can take some responsibilities. Haider says not at all, I don’t want any drama when it comes to my business. Gazal says but give me a chance. Haider says stop arguing with me. He tells Dua that she should start looking after material and the designs, let me know if you need anything. He tells Ravi about the next steps. Dua thinks she has to deny him for the first time to save Ruhaan from Gazal. Haider is about to leave but Dua says stop… I won’t work for your company for this bridal fashion week. All are shocked to hear that. Haider is confused and says you won’t work for your boutique? are you joking or maybe you forgot that this was our dream. Dua says like you forgot our promises to be loyal, if you don’t value our relationship then how can you expect me to work for our dreams? you broke those dreams already. Haider says you say that I don’t value our relationship? I can request you that you can punish me at the home but please don’t say no to the work as we will be destroyed. Dua says I don’t care, I was already destroyed. Dadi thinks why is Dua saying no? Haider tells Dua that you know we can’t compete in this competition without your help, please take your decision back. Hina says don’t beg her, you don’t need her. Haider says please don’t interfere in our matter. He begs Dua to agree, we really need you and its about our business which keeps this house running. You made our business grow and if you leave then we will be lost. Dua thinks I am sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. Haider asks if she is agreeing? you know my business is incomplete without you. He folds his hands and begs her to agree. All look on. Dua is conflicted and thinks my husband is begging but I have to be strong, I can find another way to defeat Gazal. She says fine, I am ready to help your business. Haider says I knew you would agree to me. Dua says I am not listening to you, someone else can convince me and its your wife Gazal. All look on. Dua says Gazal has to beg me and only then I will work for your business. She has to beg me alone and only then I will decide if I want to work or not. Gazal is scared that she might beat her up and says I don’t want to talk to you alone. Dua says lets have a heart to heart. Hina says Gazal won’t go with Dua, I don’t trust her. She made Gazal rub her nose on the feet and I don’t know what she is upto again. Dua says I will take my decision only if she talks to me alone otherwise I don’t care if we win the competition or not. She leaves from there. Haider is stressed and looks at Gazal. He shouts at her to go and talk to Dua.. you wanted to help me right so go and talk to her. Go and convince her, you can’t come back without her saying yes.

Dua tells Dadi that she will trap Gazal into confessing that she is fooling Ruhaan. I will force her to accept her reality in front of Ruhaan. She asks her to leave. Gazal comes there and Dadi leaves. Gazal asks Dua what’s her drama now? Dua says you know how important this competition is for Haider and if you don’t convince me then you know you will stoop lower in his eyes, he is already pissed at you and think what he will do if you don’t convince me. Gazal says then just agree. Dua says not so easily.. I want you to accept your crimes in front of Ruhaan. If Ruhaan is freed from your trap then I will help Haider. Gazal says I am not going to do that. Dua says then be ready for Haider’s wrath, he already kicked you out of his bed and then he is going to kick from the roof as he can’t bear his business suffering. Gazal says you can’t force me. Dua says you are a shameless girl, you lied to everyone and think I am forcing you? Go and tell the truth to Ruhaan otherwise Haider won’t spare you. Gazal looks on and thinks I am stuck in this situation now. Ruhaan will kill me I tell him the truth.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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