Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua finds proof against Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gulnaz tells the family that Dadi wants happiness in the family, she wants Ruhaan and Gazal to be married soon. All are confused hearing that. She says Dadi is still worried about our happiness, Hina says she is our mother so she is thinking about our happiness. Dua thinks why is Dadi panicking? she sees Gazal standing there and prays for Dadi’s protection. She asks Gazal to leave the room. All look on. Dua pushes Gazal and asks her to leave. She pushes Gulnaz away from Dadi too. Dadi thinks this girl will kill me. Dua asks Dadi to calm down and says I am with you. Hina says don’t worry, she will be fine. She asks everyone to leave and let her rest. They all leave.

Dua comes to Gazal’s room and checks her bag. Gazal and Gulnaz come there. Dua says I am checking what you are stealing from here. You packed your bags because you were scared that someone will expose you? Gulnaz says she wanted to donate these clothes to charity for Dadi. Dua says your lies are useless like you. She tells Gazal that Dadi found some proof against you but you pushed her from the stairs before she could reach me. She wanted to expose you so you tried to run away but Dadi can’t talk now. She asks Gulnaz why is she taking Gazal’s side when she is ready to destroy your son’s life? Gulnaz says you are just against her. Dua says if its proven that Gazal tried to hurt Dadi then she will go to jail along with her alliance so think before you take her side. She leaves. Gulnaz says how dare she threaten me. Gazal says we have to find that phone before Dua gets it. Gulnaz says it was Noor’s phone. She tells her how Dadi got it from her. Gulnaz tries to call her number but it doesn’t work.

Kaynaat comes to Dua and says I am doubting Gazal like you, I think she is involved in Dadi’s accident because I heard Gulnaz giving script to Noor to lie. She says I think Noor’s phone have proof against Gazal, we have to find it. Dua says you are right, that phone might be important, we have to find it. They start looking around for the phone. Gazal and Gulnaz come there, they are worried that they might find the phone. Gazal finds the phone stuck in the staircase. Kaynaat tries to get it but Gazal pushes her awya and gets it. Gulnaz trips on Gazal and the phone falls in Dua’s hands. Dua thanks God. Gazal tries to take the phone but Dua asks her to stay away, we have proof against you. She tries to check the phone. Haider comes there and asks what’s going on here? All look on. Dua says we want to tell you something. Haider asks what? Gazal gets scared. Dua says I was totally wrong about Gazal, she is not like I thought she is. We have decided to forget our grudges and take care of Dadi. Gazal is confused but agrees. Ruhaan comes there and gets happy hearing that. Haider says its difficult to understand women. Ruhaan hugs Dua and says I knew you would make me happy. Dua says I can do anything for you, even hug my enemy. Ruhaan thanks Gazal for reconciling with her. Haider tells Dua that you proved again that you can do anything for the family, I am lucky to have you. He kisses her forehead. Gazal is angry hearing that. Haider and Ruhaan leave. Dua tells Gazal that once this phone turns on then I will expose you both.. even Kaynaat is with me now.

Gazal and Gulnaz are scared. Gazal says I got the phone but you tripped and spoiled everything.

Dua is trying to turn on the phone. Kaynaat asks why Gazal is doing all this? Dua thinks I can’t tell her why Gazal is taking revenge on us. She says I don’t know. Kaynaat says why Gulnaz is taking her side? Dua says we will find it in the phone.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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