Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua blames Haider for trying to take advantage of her

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua tells Haider that he can’t force her for anything, if you can find another woman then you have no shame. You have no right on me anymore as a husband if you can’t be loyal to me. Gazal says wow, she acts like this but why was she silent when he was close to her in the room? she was clinging to him so much then. Dua shouts that you only see the bad thing, you made a scene out of nothing but that’s your character. Thank you for saving me from going weak so thank you. She hugs her while all are shocked. Dua tells her that she has all the rights on Haider, his happiness and sadness.. everything related to Haider can hers. Haider says no.. Gazal can never have a right on my heart and my love. He tells Dua that I am your husband and your love so you can’t separate yourself from mw. I have a right on your heart and soul. Gazal says if she dowsn’t want you then why you keep forcing her? Haider says stay out of it. Gazal says you are loving a girl who doesn’t respect you and keep insulting you. Just leave her and at least honor his needs. I am ready to take care of your needs.. physical and emotional both. Haider says you have crossed all limits of shame but husband-wife are not bound by physical nature but from their hearts. They are united by love. He takes Dua’s hand and starts leaving. Gazal tries to stop him but he shouts that Dua is my first wife, my love, my everything and I will stay with her only. He drags Dua from there. He locks himself in the room with Dua. Gazal cries outside and falls down. Dadi comes there and says you are blaming Dua for taking your happiness but its you who did that with her. Ravi says only Dua has right on Haider’s heart. Gulnaz says she can never understand so lets leave. They all leave. Hina consoles Gazal and says I understand your pain, I have gone through this so please come with me.

Dua tells Haider how dare he touch her? Haider hugs her and says tell me if we don’t have any relationship? tell me if you don’t love me anymore? he kisses her forehead but Dua pushes him away and says you have no right on me. Where was your love when you were marrying Gazal? when you said that you love Gazal. Haider says I never lie about my love, I love you only. Dua says enough, you are showing your right on me so do what you want. You can force me to be physical with you, I am ready to be hunted down if that’s what you want. She throws her away her dupatta and lies on the bed. She says come Haider, I am ready. Haider is shocked and says what did you do? he takes her dupatta and says this our honor, how can you throw it like this? you think I am like that? he covers her with dupatta and says I am still your Haider. You might see a typical man in me but what about my heart? I will always belong to you. Your love can make my day but I have lost you. I wanted to be close to you, not to use your boday. I kept thinking that you are just putting on a face but how can you say that for me? you have broken me completely today. Dua thinks I wish I can apologize but I can’t.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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