Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider takes a stand for Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal comes to Haider and Dua, she says I know who stole that money.. the thief was Gazal. Ruhaan hears that and thinks she is doing this to save me. Haider shouts at Gazal that if you needed money then you could have asked me. Gazal says I am sorry, I took that money as my right as I am your wife. Haider says you blamed Dua and Hafeez.. how can you stoop this low? I will call Hina and show your real face to her. Dua thinks let her get insulted. Haider goes to call Hina. Gazal thinks if Hina goes against me then I will lose all support. She rushes to Haider and says I can’t see Hina angry with me, please don’t tell her. Haider says she needs to know the truth. Gazal says just listen to me, you have to know that I am a poor person and I was angry that I never get your attention. I blamed Dua because I was angry. Dua is rich but what do I have? I have no money or husband’s love. Dua says so you stole just because you wanted to? its good that you accepted your crime and you will be punished for it. Gazal says fine you can punish me but you need to find out why I stole that money. Haider says let her speak, he asks why did you steal? Gazal says I lost my parents and only their graves bring peace to me. When I went to their graves, I saw them ib bad condition and I needed money to get it cleaned and repaired. I am sorry. Dua says I will expose her. Haider says no, we shouldn’t shame her because she needed money for her parents’ graves. Dua says I won’t be silent, she blamed me and Hafeez. Haider says then what would be the difference between you and her? Dua says you don’t know her, she can use her dead parents to lie too. Haider says she wouldn’t do that. Dua tries to call the family but Haider says don’t do that.. she didn’t do anything wrong. You are my wife and Gazal is my responsibility so its okay if she took my money. I was so messed up that I forgot my duties and didn’t give any money to Gazal. I married her so its my duty to give her money. He tells Gazal that he wouldn’t forgive her again, if she needs anything then just tell him. Gazal thanks him for giving her some rights. Gazal smirks at Dua and leaves. Dua is angry with Haider and goes from there. Haider rushes behind her but she locks him out of her room.

Gazal calls Ajaz and says I am scared of Dua.. I feel like she wouldn’t let us use Ruhaan against her. Ajaz says don’t worry, everything will go as per the plan.

Hafeez comes to meet Kaynaat at the night time. She asks him to go but he says I want to meet my lover. He says we will get married soon and wouldn’t get the chance to meet in secrecy. Kaynaat blushes and says you will have responsibilities. Hafeez says I will take care of you and keep you as my princes.. we will go on shopping daily and I can even help you in the kitchen. Kaynaat says you are so nice. They hear someone coming to Hafeez runs away. Kaynaat comes back to her room and sees Noor sleeping. She goes to sleep. Noor wakes up and thinks Hafeez and Kaynaat are in a relationship. Its only me that’s single. She dreams about Ajaz and messages him. Ajaz laughs seeing that and says the girl is in my trap. He messages Gazal.

Ruhaan tells Gazal that I can’t repay you for saving him. He says no one can love him like her. He hugs her but Gazal pushes him back, she says I can do anything for you but why did you need this money? Ruhaan says I needed to buy their deaths with that money. Gazal smirks.

Dua sits alone and recalls about Ruhaan’s anger and how Gazal is using him. She says Gazal fooled Haider again, how will I save Ruhaan?

Gazal asks Ruhaan what is he planning? Ruhaan says soon our enemies will be destroyed and we will become one. We will be together soon. Gazal smirks and thinks he will kill Dua then go to jail so that Haider will become mine.

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