Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal lies to Haider about Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal asks Gulnaz what game are you play? Gulnaz says I am trying to help you, you can’t see who is playing a game with you, I wish Rahat hadn’t given me a promise otherwise I would tell you about the secret. Gazal says enough, if you know anything about my mother’s death then tell me. Gulnaz says I don’t know but 4 people know the truth, these people are Hina, Dadi, Rahat and Dua. Gazal is shocked and says Dua wouldn’t hide anything from me. Gulnaz says don’t trust her, she knows how to use others for her gain, she doesn’t care about anyone else but Haider only, Hina was about to tell you the truth but Dua stopped her. Gazal recalls that and says I can’t believe this, I see Hina as my mother. Gulnaz asks her to take care as she might suffer like her mother, she leaves from there. Gazal says I am sure they are hiding something from me, if Dua wants to play a game then she will see that I am no less, I will find out the secret. She gets Haider’s call and smiles, she takes the call so he says sorry, I was trying to call Dua but she is not picking up, can you please give the phone to Dua? Gazal gets angry and says sure. She sees Dua working in the lounge and says I can’t find her, she might have gone out. Do you have any work that I can do? He says no, I just wanted to ask about Hina, he ends the call and says where did Dua go leaving Hina in this condition? Gazal looks at Dua and says if you didn’t cheat me then this wouldn’t be happening, you tried to hide about my mother’s death? I have a right to know the truth. If Gulnaz is right then only one person can tell me truth.

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Gazal brings juice for Hina and says Haider called to ask about you. Hina says I am lucky to have Haider and Dua in my life. Gazal says you are right, Haider is a great man, he is a good son, brother.. Hina says and a good husband. I know he loves Dua a lot, he is lucky to have Dua too. Gazal says you were talking about someone coming back? you can tell me as I feel this secret might be related to my mother? Hina sadly looks at her and says it must have been difficult to live without your mother. Dadi comes there and asks Gazal why are you disturbing her? you are an outsider so leave. Gazal gets hurt and leaves. Hina says you shouldn’t have talked to her like that. Dadi says I will do anything to keep the secret under wraps.

Rahat tells Dua that Dadi is right, Gazal can’t stay in this house. Dadi tells Dua to throw her out of the house. Dua says I know you are both scared but we can’t do another sin just to hide that mistake, maybe we can tell the truth to Gazal and Haider then there won’t be any problem. Dadi says if Haider finds out the truth then he will do anything to get forgiveness from Gazal. If Gazal finds out about her father’s last wish then she might demand to marry Haider. Dua says you think Haider would accept anything like that? Haider comes there and asks what’s going on here? They all get worried.

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Gulnaz brings smoke in Hina’s room, she coughs and says what are you doing? Gulnaz says don’t worry, this smoke can shoo away bad shadows, I have felt that there is some evil spirit in the house but I am with you.

Haider asks Dua why are you not with Hina? Dua says I just came to give them tea. Haider says you know Hina is not well, I was calling you but you were not picking up so I had to call Gazal to ask about Hina. Dadi says you couldn’t have called anyone else? Haider says no one was picking up so I had to call her. He asks Dua to stay with Hina as then I wouldn’t worry, its good that Gazal picked up and told me that she is okay. They hear Hina crying so they rush to her.

Haider and Dua rush to o Hina. She cries and says I saw the dream again. Gulnaz says there is some evil spirit in the house that’s bothering Hina. Dua takes the smoke away and says what are you saying? Dua asks Hina if she is okay? Haider says we are all with her. Gulnaz says we don’t know what evil spirit is doing here, it might want to take revenge on something? Haider says what are you saying? this is not some movie. Gulnaz says you people might not listen to me but these things happen, I am scared so I will keep spreading smoke in the house. Dua tries to stop her and the smoke plate falls down. Dua asks Gulnaz why are you putting these thoughts in Hina’s mind? our religion is against the thoughts of evil spirits, Hina is already scared so don’t say all that. Hina says she is not wrong, I am sure.. Dua says enough, no one will talk about this. She asks her to pray to God. Hina tells Dadi that we should have prayers in the house. Dadi says yes we will do it but not to shoo away some evil spirits, you have to come out of this daze and control your tongue. Haider says she is not doing this deliberately. Dadi asks him to not talk between elders. Dua gives medicine to Hina, Dadi asks everyone to leave the room. Dua thinks I feel Gulnaz is trying to scare Hina deliberately so she would blurt out the secret, if that’s the case then I have to expose her.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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