Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dadi is unable to expose Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua asks Dadi how did she fall? Dadi tries to hint at Gazal but can’t speak.. Gazal silently leaves from there. Dadi starts hyperventilating so Ruhaan calls the doctor. All are worried for Dadi.

Gazal is angry and says I should have killed that Dadi. She starts packing her bags. Gulnaz comes there and says what about your fake promises? you can’t lose like this. Gazal strangles her and says don’t provoke me, I know you want to use me to get close to your son. I will marry Haider at any cost so get lost for now. Gulnaz leaves.

The doctor checks Dadi, Gulnaz asks what happened to her? The doctor says she had a stroke because of stress, it would be difficult for her to talk or walk for now. She had paralysis. All cry for her. Dua hugs Haider and cries. Ruhaan hugs Hina and cries. Gulnaz is angry seeing that. The doctor says we will do her tests and see what can be done, please be with her. Dua says I will be with her for now. Gulnaz thinks I have to stop Gazal. Ruhaan says Dadi wanted to accept Gazal and I.. I just want her to be happy. Hina says I have hurt her too. They all have a family hug. Gulnaz thinks my son is getting consoled by Hina instead of me.

Gazal is silently leaving the house but Gulnaz stops her. She tells her to not go.. Gazal says you want me to get arrested? let me leave. Gulnaz says listen to me.. Dadi didn’t tell anyone because she can’t talk. Gazal dances around and says that’s good. She recalls about the mobile and says what if anyone hears that recording? Gulnaz recalls about finding Noor’s phone cover. She says I know where we will get the phone from. Ruhaan comes there and sees suitcase. He asks Gazal if she is leaving? Gulnaz says no, she wanted to give the clothes to poor people for Dadi’s prayers. Ruhaan says that good thought. Ravi comes there and hears all that. Ruhaan goes with Gazal.

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Gulnaz comes to Noor and asks about her phone but Noor says Dadi took my phone and I don’t know where it is now. Gulnaz thinks that phone has recording of us.

Ravi comes to Dua and tells her that he heard Gazal calling Gulnaz and telling that her plan is working. He says Gazal was scared today also, she is hiding something. Dua says you are right but I don’t know what she is hiding. Ravi says let me know if you need anything, he leaves.

Dua comes to Dadi’s room and glares at Gazal. Dadi wakes up, Hina says to Gazal to meet her. Gazal is tensed. Dadi starts panicking seeing her. Hina says Dadi is feeling better after seeing Gazal. Dua says Dadi is feeling down seeing her. Hina says maybe she is feeling better after seeing her. Dua says she is feeling jittery. Hina says nothing will happen to her. Maybe she wants to say something about the incident. Dadi cries and tries to talk but can’t. Gazal hides behind Gulnaz. Gulnaz comes to Dadi and says I know what she wants to say, she wants happiness in the house, she wants Ruhaan and Gazal to be married soon.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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