Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Hamida tells Dua to fight back against Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider tells Hamida and Dua that you shouldn’t have raised hand on Hina, if the ritual will make her then I will do it with Gazal, he leaves. Dua cries hearing that. She says I can’t stay here anymore. She starts packing her bags. Gazal sees that and smirks. She says I am dying to see her in more pain, she leaves. Dua tells Hamida that we have to leave now. Hamida says this is your house, you can’t be weak like this, you have to protect your family so you can’t run away like this. I have always taught you to stand up for your rights. Dua says you need to understand me. Hamida says you can’t run away as then you are accepting your defeat, it will break you down. Its only you who can prove Haider’s innocence, only you can prove that Gazal trapped him, please stay back for Haider. Do you love him? she nods. Hamida says then how can you leave him with that evil Gazal? you can’t lose to her. Dua says I tried my best to stop her. Hamida says but the fight is still on, if you leave then all family members will lose hope too. You are a daughter and you have to protect your family, you have to teach a lesson to that Gazal. You are my Dua so show your strength to fight. Dua says you just want to leave me here because I am married? don’t you care about me anymore? Hamida hugs her and says you think I don’t love you anymore? I am not forcing you to stay here but its your duty to stay here. Dua says how will I face Gazal and all this? she cries and says I can’t live like this. Hamida consoles her and says okay.. I will take you from here but I have to do something. Dua asks what? she goes from there.

Scene 2
Kaynaat tells Hafeez that Hamida will not accept me now, Hafeez says I can’t live without you. I will talk to Hamida about us. Kaynaat says she will not accept us after what happened with Dua, she will take her from here and all connections will end.

Dua sadly is packing her bags and recalls her moments with Haider. She looks at all the gifts that he gave her. She says I don’t want any memory of Haider.

Gulnaz is worried about Ruhaan and says don’t know where he is and how Gazal is keeping him.

Gazal gets ready for her face reveal ceremony. Ijaz says you are so clever to use Hina for this. Gazal says you just do for what I called you. Ijaz says to love Noor? Gazal says you just have to win her heart and we will use her against Gulnaz. Ijaz says just don’t worry. Gazal says I have to break Dua’s heart more. She looks at herself in the mirror and says I look so pretty. She turns around to see Hina there and gets worried. Hina smiles and blesses Gazal, she says you look so pretty. Gazal thanks her. Hina says lets go for the ceremony, she takes her.

Dua says if Haider is not mine then these gifts don’t mean anything, I will not take anything with me. She looks at the suitcase and recalls how Haider brought it and told Dua that he wants 10 kids with her. They will go on vacations together as a family. Dua cries and says he broke my dreams.

Haider and Gazal start doing the ceremony together.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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