Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua tries to expose Ruhaan

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal tells Ajaz that before Ruhaan can harm our mission, we have to take care of him. Ajaz gives the gun to her. Gazal says Ruhaan is going to kill Dua and go to jail then I will be with Haider for life. He asks him to give this to Ruhaan and prepare for Dua’s death.

Gazal is going back to her room and says soon I will have happiness. Dua is going to die and then I will have Haider to myself as Ruhaan will be jailed. Dua comes to her and smirks. She says you are glowing, what’s the matter? Gazal says doesn’t concern you. Dua says I got to know that you are using Ruhaan again, you are so inhumane that you are still breaking his heart. You have made him go against Haider and I.. you hurt Dadi first, then you married my Haider and now you want brothers to fight? I won’t spare you if you don’t tell the truth to Ruhaan. Tell him that you don’t love him and just using him for your gain. If you don’t tell the truth then I will kill you. Gazal pushes her away and laughs. She says you really think I will expose myself to Ruhaan? yes I am using Ruhaan and you can’t do anything about it. I have already put Ruhaan on a track and he is going to work for me. I will use Ruhaan to make Haider mine. Dua says I can expose you to Haider and throw you out of the house. Gazal laughs and says go and tell him. He never believed you and he wouldn’t believe you even now. If you want to get insulted then go and try to convince Haider and Ruhaan. Ruhaan is a fool and would never hear anything against his lover. She tries to leave but Dua says you have to tell your truth to Ruhaan. Gazal says I would never expose myself to Ruhaan. You challenged to throw me out of the house but you have been doing what I wanted. I have used you as my toy and that’s my victory. You played well but soon I am going to throw you out of the house, you should start packing. She leaves from there. Dua thinks what can she do.. robbery. She says who stole that money if not Gazal? She recalls how she found Ruhaan in her room. She says it means Ruhaan stole the money but why? Gazal is using Ruhaan against me so she must want him to do something. I can tell Haider that Ruhaan stole the money and then he will confront Ruhaan so Gazal will be exposed.

Dua comes to Haider and asks him to wake up, she needs to talk to him. Haider says I was dreaming about you only. He pulls her closer and says I don’t need to dream anymore as you are with me. Dua blushes as he caresses her face. He is about to kiss her but Dua stops him. Haider says I miss you. Dua says stop being a mischief. Haider says what is it? Dua says if Gazal and Hafeez didn’t steal the money then who did? Ruhaan hides and hears that. He says if Haider finds out that I stole the money then my mission won’t succeed. Gazal comes to him and says you confronted Dua? did you steal that money? he says yes. Gazal says why? Dua is already doubting you and now Haider will expose you. Ruhaan says I have right on this house’s money too. Gazal says but you stole that money, they will use this to send you to jail. Ruhaan says you are right, they can do anything against me, what should I do? Gazal says don’t worry, I can do anything for my love.

Gazal comes to Haider and Dua. She says I know who stole the money. Haider looks on. Dua asks who? Gazal says it was me only. Ruhaan is shocked to hear that.

The episode end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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