Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal and Dua argue over Dadi

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal tells Dua that maybe you pushed Dadi from the stairs? Haider says enough.. I won’t hear a word against Dua, don’t you dare. Ruhaan says Gazal didn’t mean that. Gazal says I meant it, why does she keep insulting me? I am honorable like Dua too so how is it justified that I get blamed? Dadi was looking for me but she wanted to talk to me about my marriage with Ruhaan. Ruhaan says yes, she told me too. Gazal says that’s she talked about and then went to look for Dua. Gulnaz says I have a way to find out the truth. She asks Noor to tell how right Gazal is? Noor says I don’t understand anything. Gulnaz says Dadi met with Gazal right? The flashback shows how Gulnaz manipulated Noor into saying that Gazal talked to Dadi and left. The flashback ends. Noor says Dadi and Gazal met.. they talked about the wedding and then she went to look for Dua then she had an accident. Hina says it means Dadi agreed for Ruhaan and Gazal’s marriage? Dua says she would never agree to that. Gazal says she agreed, maybe you made Dadi against me? you lied to Ruhaan that I don’t love him. Dua says you are a liar. Hina asks them to stop arguing, stop blaming each other. Dadi is ill but when she wakes up, she will tell what happened with her. Haider says let’s sit and have food. They all sit down. Dua leaves from there. Dua prays to God to help her in exposing Gazal. She is near the stairs where the phone is but she doesn’t see it.

Kaynaat comes to Noor and sees her worried. Noor says Dadi took my phone but I can’t find it anymore. Kaynaat says when she wakes up then she will tell you. Noor says but I want my phone. Kaynaat says you can call on your phone. She gives her phone, Noor calls on her number but says my phone was on silent.

Scene 2
Gulnaz tells Gazal that you should have been careful. Gazal says she was making me angry so I threw her from the stairs. Gulnaz says if she wakes up and tells the truth then Haider will never be yours. Gazal grabs her and says I will get Haider at any cost even if I have to kill someone.

Ravi comes to Dua and says I want to say something.. I think you are right about Gazal being fishy.. she was looking for something when I came home earlier. I just want to tell you to be careful, she thanks him so he leaves. Dua says what was Gazal looking for? maybe a proof.

Gulnaz tells Hina what if Dua is right? what if we are wrong in choosing Gazal? Hina says we can’t find a better girl than Gazal for Ruhaan. Gulnaz says what about Dua? Hina says she has lost the plot because she can’t digest that another daughter in law will become part of the family.

Haider asks Dua to not be sad. Dua says you can’t understand that Gazal is behind the incident. The nurse comes there and says Dadi woke up. They are both going to her room. Gazal gets to know that she is awake. Gulnaz says the truth will come out now. Gazal is worried.

All family members come to Dadi. She wakes up and sees them. Dua says thank God you are awake. Gazal comes there and is scared. Haider asks Dadi how did this happen with you? Dua says how did you fall from the stairs? Hina asks her to seap up. Dadi tries to talk.. She looks at Gazal and tries to hint at her. Dadi tries to speak but can’t.. Dua says tell us. Dadi tries pointing towards Gazal, all look on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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