Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider supports Gazal against Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th April 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal starts crying. Gazal’s brother says you ruined my daughter’s life. Hina says its a lie. My son can’t do that. It’s not right. Hina cries. Rahat says control yourself. She says they are saying such disgusting things. Rahat says we know our son haider can’t do this. This video is fake. I will find out how Ruhan got it. Gazal says Dua did all this. She ruined my life. She is responsible for my life being destroyed. Everyone is shocked. Rahat says Dua can’t do that. she says ask Haider. Tell them Haider if I am lying? isn’t Dua responsible for all this? She is the reason for my life’s destruction, your silence is making you look like you are hiding her reality, I know you are protecting her, I wish every girl get a husband like you but no one should get a friend like you. Rahat asks what is going on? Hina asks her to tell them. Gazal says this thing will make you all ashamed. Dua is responsible for destroying my character because she thinks I have an affair with Haider. All are shocked. Gazal says Dua keeps saying that I want to marry Haider and not Ruhaan. Rahat stops her and tells the guests to leave as the marriage won’t happen. The guest says Gazal’s life will be destroyed, no one will marry her now. They all leave. Gazal cries and says I should die, I just want to die and not live anymore. Rahat says enough, you shouldn’t put blame on Dua as she is an angel. Gazal says I knew you all wouldn’t believe me that’s why I have proof. She wrote my groom’s name on my hand right? see this, she wrote Haider’s name instead of Ruhaan’s name on my hand. Hina recalls how she asked Dua to write Ruhaan’s name on her hand. Gazal says she wanted to trap me that’s why she wrote Haider’s name on my hand. Dua says she did it herself. Gazal shows her wounds and says these are not lies. Hina asks how did this happen? Gazal hugs her cries, she says I paid this price for my loyalty, Ruhaan beat me a lot but its not his fault, she provoked Ruhaan saying I have an affair with Haider, he went crazy and did all this. She destroyed my life. Ruhaan beat me like an animal because of her but I didn’t say anything. Dua says Ruhaan would never do this to any girl, he would never do this. She asks the family if they really believe her? She asks Gulnaz to tell them that Ruhaan can never do this, this is all her plan to destroy the family. Gulnaz recalls Gazal’s words that if she goes against her then she would marry Ruhaan and destroy his life. Gulnaz sadly looks at Dua, she asks her to expose Gazal. Gulnaz tries to speak up and says I can’t lie anymore Dua. Gazal stops her and says she is already against me so her statement doesn’t matter. You should ask Haider that Ruhaan raised hand on him too, he accepted that he thinks I have an affair with Haider. Dua has destroyed two brothers’ relationship too. Hina recalls how Dua said she won’t let this marriage happen. Dua asks her to shut up and says your dead parents must be ashamed of you. Haider asks Dua to shut up, I wish you had listened to me then we wouldn’t have had to face this, I shouldn’t have taken your side. Gazal is right that Dua provoked Ruhaan to run away. All are shocked.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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