Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal gets to know about her mother’s death

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
gazal sees Haider holding Dua’s hand and deliberately drops a glass, she says sorry my hand slipped. Dua says its okay, I will get it cleaned. Ruhaan asks Gazal to calm down. Haider asks Gazal how is her foot now? she says I am okay now, thank you for helping me. He smiles at her. Dua asks Gazal about her tea but she keeps staring at Haider. He asks her to listen to her, Gazal says I am sorry. Haider says I will leave for the office, Gazal says I will come with you. He says no, you can rest for some days. Dua says we will talk a lot so stay here. Dua sees Haider off and he leaves. Gazal is jealous. Dadi tells Dua that I want to talk to you so come to my room. Gulnaz looks on.

Hina looks at the article and finds Zeenat’s photo there, she starts panicing and screams. Dua and others rush to her. Dua asks what happened? Hina says look at this article.. remove it. Gazal looks at the article and hides it before Dua comes there. She asks what happened? Hina says look at the article, she is back. Dua look at other papers but there is no article about Zeenat. Gazal asks who is back? Dadi asks Gazal to leave the room, we will handle her as its our family matter. Gazal says I am just tryint to help, Dadi says we don’t need and asks her to leave, she leaves. Hina tells Dua that the article talked about Zeenat. Dua says there is no news like that, you are just hellicunating.

Gazal reads the news about a mob beating a woman as someone blamed her for stealing a child, the woman died because of the mob. Gazal is shocked and says it means my father lied to me all the time about her.

Dua tells Dadi that Hina needs us so don’t be angry with her. Dadi says you should throw that Gazal out of the house. Dua says I am sorry but I can’t do that, she lived a difficult life because of us so I can’t throw her on the road, its our duty to take care of her. I can’t tell her the secret but I can’t throw her out. Gazal hides and hears all that, she says it means Dua is hiding something from me too, I thought she is helping me as a friend but Gulnaz was right that they are hiding something. Dua tells Dadi that I think someone is listening to us, I even saw the shadow that Hina saw. Dadi asks her to stop believing her, just throw that Gazal out of the house to save your family. Rahat says this is final. Dua nods and leaves. Gazal thinks I yearned for my parents’ love but Dua hid about my mother’s death, why? I thought she is my friend but I neber thought she would back-stab me like this.

Dua comes a room and finds lights flickering. She sees the printer on and calls Kaynaat. She asks if she was running it? Kaynaat says no. Dua gets an idea and asks if she can print something? Kaynaat says I have started it so you can print anything you want.

Gazal sits alone and recalls about Dua’s words. She cries and says my mother died like that.. I never thought they are hiding a secret related to my mother’s death. Dua is my best friend so why did she hide this? She finds her father’s stick and a tape recorder. She is surprised and says who brought this from my house? maybe Haider did it, I thought he was a wrong person but he cares about me the most. Gulnaz comes there and says you can’t believe in daydreams, Haider wouldn’t even think about you because Dua has trapped him completely. Gazal says what are you talking about? Gulnaz says you know I brought these items from your house. Gazal says you? Gulnaz says I know how it feels to not have a family, I wish I have made a place in your heart. We can help each other. Gazal says I don’t need your help. Gulnaz says these people are hiding a lot of secrets. Gazal says enough, you think you can fake your concern and I will slip? you talked about my mother in the morning and now I found out about this article, are you hiding something and playing a game with me? Gulnaz looks on.

Precap: Dua says till the time she will be in house, I’ll be worried about the secret to come forward in front of Haider and Gazal, why not we tell them truth. Her mom says if Haider gets to know the truth, he will become slave of Gazal to punish his mother, there is possibility she talk to Haider about getting married. Haider walks in and calls Dua.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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