Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider accepts Kaynaat & Hafeez’s relationship

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal is tied to a chair, Ruhaan and Dua are laughing at her. Dua tells Gazal that we will take revenge now. She puts a watermelon on her head and Ruhaan points a gun at her and shoots. Gazal cries and says please forgive me. Dua puts an apple on her head and he shoots again. They both laugh at her. Dua says maybe she should apologize for her crimes, she puts a grape on her head and asks Gazal to apologize for her sins. He is about to shoot her and it turns out to be Gazal’s dream.. she comes to Ruhaan’s room and finds his hand bleeding. He is angry recalling Gazal being intimate with Haider. She thinks what should I do with him? he might end up killing me.

Haider asks Hafeez if he loves Kaynaat? Dua says please don’t scold him, he loves her for real. Haider moves her aside and glares at Hafeez. Kaynaat comes there and is shocked seeing Kaynaat there. Haider asks Hafeez if he loves Kaynaat? he is scared and says I do love her. Haider is about to charge at him but Kaynaat stops him and says please don’t do anything to him, he is innocent. Hafeez says he can punish him if he wants but we do love each other. Kaynaat pleads with Haider to not do anything. Hafeez says we can’t live without each other. Haider gets angry and raises his hand but stops himself and blesses Kaynaat by putting his head on her head. He tells her that he just wants her happy. I pray for both of you, I hope that you both find happiness. Kaynaat says really? Haider says yes, you didn’t need to hide this from me, if you love him then don’t be scared. Kaynaat says you are not angry? Haider says I understand the meaning of love, you were ready to sacrifice your love for fear? I can do anything for my love, look at me running behind my wife, he smiles at Dua. He hugs Kaynaat and says I am so happy for you. He says Dua’s family is respected and honored. I am sure that Hafeez will be a good life partner for you. Dua has done a lot for us and now you are going to give back to Hamida’s family, you are lucky to be a part of Dua’s family. I pray for your relationship to work out. He tells Hafeez that we did wrong with your sister but you still want to marry my sister, please don’t ever hurt her. He hugs him and says don’t be scared. Hafeez says I was scared that you will be angry that’s why I didn’t want my room to be searched and you finding out about our love. Haider says I noticed you stressed that’s why I didn’t let them search your room, I know the meaning of love and the need to protect it. He hugs them both and Dua is emotional seeing that. Haider holds her hand and says don’t cry, be a part of this happiness. Dua hugs them all. Haider stares at her and holds her hand tightly. Dua recalls Haider telling Gazal that he loves her and moves. Haider is hurt seeing that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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