Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal can’t see Haider-Dua happy together

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua tells Hina to not worry, Haider and I are with you. Hina sees a shadow outside her room and gets cared. Dua sees it too and says it means there is someone in the house, I will go and check. Hina says no, I can’t put you in danger. Dua says don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. Dua comes outside the room and looks around. She says there is no one around so whose shadow was it? She sees the shadow again and is shocked.

Gazal is outside Haider’s room and says I can’t do this, this is wrong but I love Haider. Dua comes there and says what are you doing here at this time? Gazal says I wanted water so I came to ask you first. Dua says are you scared? I am sleeping with Hina so you can come with me. Gazal says no, I am okay, she hastily leaves from there. Gulnaz thinks Haider would do anything to get forgiveness for Hina so he would have to accept Gazal. I will break Hina’s kid’s house for my insults. I just have to make Gazal know the secret.

Dua tells Hina that it was no one but Gazal only. Don’t worry and go to sleep. She thinks it was not Gazal’s shadow, I don’t know who that person was.

Scene 2
In the morning, Haider and Ruhaan are massaging Hina’s head. Hina laughs at their antics. Haider says just keep smiling. Dua comes there and says smiles. Hina says I missed Haider smiling and joking like that. Dua says he won’t smile when he knows we have healthy breakfast. Haider says she doesn’t like to see me happy. He says we will have pizza in the lunch as I have taken an off from the office. Dua thinks to not tell Haider about the shadow yet. Dua leaves from there so Haider comes to her and says I am worried about Hina. Dua says we are with her so don’t worry.

Gazal is in her room and says I can’t do this with Dua, I won’t think about Haider anymore. Gulnaz hides and thinks I have to bring the secret to her without opening my mouth. She get some smoke bar.

Dua brings breakfast for Hina and asks her to stop worrying. Hina says I think I might have dreamt all that. Dua says its okay, I will make your favorite food today. She leaves. Hina starts reading the newspaper and finds Zeenat’s death news there, she sees the shadow outside her room again and gets scared.

Gulnaz brings smoke in Gazal’s room and says there is something wrong happening in the house. Gazal says stop believing in all this. Gulnaz says I saw a shadow in the house.. I heard Hina talking about your mother. Gazal says why would she talk about her? she doesn’t know her. Gulnaz says Hina took care of you and your studies, she even allowed you to stay here. Maybe she is hiding something about your mother. Gazal glares at her and says Hina-Dua care for me, they wouldn’t hide anything from me. Dua even agreed to go to my house to my mother’s tape recorder. Gulnaz says I feel bad for you to live without your mother. Gazal looks on.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Fua asks Gazal to sit with them. Haider holds Dua’s hand and smiles. Gazal notices that and feels bad. She looks at Haider and recalls their moments together but he ignores her completely and keeps flirting with Dua. Gazal stands up and says I am not hungry. Dua asks her to sit down and eat. Gazal sits back down. Haider keeps flirting with Dua while Gazal feels uncomfortable, she throws a glass on the floor and all look on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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