Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dua saves Gazal and Ruhaan’s lives

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua thinks Haider’s life was saved by Gazal’s father so I can’t leave her in trouble. She tries calling him but he is busy in a meeting. She says I have to do my husband’s duty if he is not here, I have to bring Gazal and Ruhaan out of the trouble. She calls someone and says I need your help.

Haider is shouting at his staff, Ravi says we should hire a girl for sales, you can bring Dua here. Haider says Dua is not adapted for the world, she should stay at home as she brings trouble these days when she goes out.

Dadi asks Hina what if anything happens to Dua? Hina says I can’t let injustice happen with Gazal but I know Dua is not weak. Dadi says if you are not careful then our dark secret can come out. Dua doesn’t know the full truth. Our family will be spoiled if the truth comes out. Hina says we have to protect Gazal. Gulnaz hides and thinks what secret are they talking about?

Iqbal’s goons grab Ruhaan. Gazal says I won’t spare you today. Iqbal says I will take care of you. He is about to attack her but Dua arrives there. Ruhaan asks her to leave with Gazal. Iqbal says its good she is here, I will take my revenge from everyone today. Dua says your weakness thinking women are weak and alone. I am with Gazal and I won’t be scared of your threats. Gazal asks Dua to leave. Dua says no, I am your friend now and we will take care of this together. She shows her that she has already called the police and they are hearing everything. Gazal nods. Iqbal takes a dagger but the police arrives there. Iqbal says I will be back soon, he runs away from there. Dua asks Ruhaan if he is okay? I shouldn’t have sent you here. Ruhaan says nothing will happen to me till I get married, he smiles at Gazal. Dua notices it. Dua tells the neighbors that you people should have protected Gazal, we are all in this together. I wish Gazal would have feel protected in this neighborhood. Gazal says don’t be senti, she says I don’t have water in the house and I have an interview. I have to get a job at any cost, I want to do charity on my father’s name. Dua smiles and says I have a solution.

Hina tells Gulnaz that Dua called, she said Ruhaan is safe, he is coming back with her. Gulnaz says you people don’t care about my son, I know you want to take everything from me but I will destroy your son and your daughter in law’s life. Hina says some poetry. Gulnaz says stop with your cheap poetry. Hina says Rahat said this same poetry and you fell in love or did you fall in love with his fame? I know you are eying this house and this business. Gulnaz glares at her and says how dare yo Hina. Kaynaat comes there and says don’t talk to her like that. Gulnaz pushes her away so Hina gets angry and slaps her. She says I told you to not hurt my kids. Gulnaz is shocked.

Dua calls a tanker person, he says Dua has helped us a lot. Gazal says please help me get some water. He says we can’t bring tanker in your street. Another neighbor comes there and says you can take water from us. Gazal says I don’t need your help now, I have a solution. She goes to the tanker and creates a makeshift bathroom on the road. Dua says this is wrong, I can’t see that, your honor is your everything. Gazal says you both won’t understand my situation. Dua tries calling Haider to ask for his permission. Haider takes the call and says I am busy. Dua says I need to take permission.. actually.. Haider says what is it? Haider gets busy with his workers and doesn’t hear her. Dua asks if she can take Gazal home for some time? Haider doesn’t listen and says you can do anything you want. Dua gets happy and thanks him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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