Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua plans to save Ruhaan

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th April 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua is worried in the ceremony and recalls Haider’s hurtful words, she thinks I can’t see my family’s destruction in front of my eyes but what can I do? some guests come there and ask where is Haider? Dua says he will come soon. Another guest praises Hina’s dress, she jokes around and sees Dua calling someone. She prays to not let Dua succeed. Kaynaat and Ravi come there, she asks if she could do anything? Dua says I couldnt, Haider is not picking up call. Gulnaz sees Dua worried and says I feel bad for her but she can’t win against Gazal, I can’t help you so I am sorry. Hina comes to Dua and says if you try to stop this wedding then I won’t forgive you, just welcome the guests. Rahat comes there and asks where is Haider? Dua recalls him leaving the house last night. Hina says he must be around, she asks Dua to go and get ready. Dua tries to talk but Hina stops her and asks her to go and get ready. She says I will go and check on Gazal, she takes Dua from there. Hina asks Dua how dare you try to talk to Rahat? Dua turns to see Haider entering the house. She rushes to him but he ignores her and leaves. Hina gets worried.

Scene 2
Gazal is watching her video of hugging Haider and smirks. She calls someone and says our dreams are going to fulfill, I will become daughter in law of this house. He says I am happy. Hina comes there so she ends the call. Hina says you look so beautiful, lets go downstairs, we are doing the ceremony early. She says what? the guests are not here, Hina says don’t worry and takes her from there. Gazal thinks I have to do something otherwise I will have to marry Ruhaan.

Scene 2
Dua tries to talk to Haider but he keeps ignoring her. She pulls him aside and says you need to listen to me. Hina brings Gazal there and says the bride is here. Hina asks where is Ruhaan? she asks him to bring him for the marriage. Haider says Gazal is here so he will come here soon. Hina recalls how Dua said that she won’t let this marriage happen. Hina tells Haider that I am a little worried so I want the marriage done early, just get them married now as all important people are here. Haider says that’s not possible, we need to wait for the guests. Hina says why? we don’t need to wait for anyone else. Gulnaz panics and says my family is not here yet so you can’t marry my son. Hina says you never know what you want, first you wanted Gazal, then you didn’t and now you are stalling. She asks Haider to bring Ruhaan and get the marriage done. She asks him to go and get changed. He thinks what if new problems arose? Dua tries to go behind him but Hina stops her. Dua says I need to get ready. She rushes to Haider and says I need to talk to you. Haider says if its related to Gazal and Ruhaan then I don’t need to talk, Hina is totally against you because you don’t care about her happiness anymore. He leaves.

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Gazal sits in the ceremony, Hina says I bless you for happy life. She sees Dua standing in a cornor and thinks I will make sure Ruhaan and Gazal get married. Dua goes to Dadi and asks her to pray for her, Ruhaan and Haider might not forgive me but I have to do this. Dadi raises her hand and holds it. Dua smiles.

Dua comes outside her room and says Haider is not even listening to me. She checks his jacket and finds the room key where he locked Ruhaan. She says I am sorry but I have to go against him now.

Precap: Haider is looking for keys and says Dua must be having. Dua says to Ruhaan Gazal succeeded in her plans, she is sitting for her marriage, I tried a lot to stop that marriage, now you only have one way, you should run before Haider comes. Haider comes running towards room. Ruhaan is getting out through window.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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