Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua saves Hina’s life

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua is worried about Hina and tells Dadi that I felt bad for Hina, I never let her do anything but today she put her health on line because of Gazal.

Hina has asthma attack and screams for Dua unconsciously. Dua tries to run to her but Dadi stops her and says let her realize who she has to help her now. Hina is crying for Gazal to bring her medicines. Gazal comes to her room and rants about Hina. Ijaz calls her and tries to talk but she shouts to do her work and stop bothering her, she ends the call. Ruhaan takes the phone and beats him more. Gazal goes to sleep. Hina is screaming for Gazal. Dadi tells Dua that if you go and help Hina then your plan will fail right now.

Haider comes to Gazal and wakes her up. He glares at her and asks if Hina made all dishes? Gazal says she cooked everything. Haider says why didn’t you stop her from helping you? Gazal says I am sorry. Haider says Dua never made my mother work and you made her cook everything, do you know that she has asthma issue and you made her cook? Gazal says she offered to help herself. Haider says because she knew that you can’t handle the duties of this house. Gazal says just give me some time and I can win everyone’s hearts. Haider says I don’t care if you can cook or not but my mother’s health shouldn’t detoriate because of all this drama. What if she has asthma attack? you don’t even know about her medicines. Gazal panics and thinks she forgot to get her medicines. Haider asks if she knows about her medicines? Gazal says yes I know that. Haider says if anything happens to Hina then he won’t spare her. He leaves. Gazal thinks she needs to order medicines quick.

Dua is worried about Hina and tells Dadi that I have to help her, I don’t care about my issues with her.

Gazal comes to Hina’s room and sees her struggling to breathe. She says I should let her just die, she recalls how Hina confessed that her mother died because of her. Gazal says she is my mother’s murderer so she should die like this. She hears Dua coming there and runs from there. Hina is fainting but Dua rushes to her and says nothing will happen to you. Hina pushes her away and says I don’t need your help. Dua says if you die then how will you fight with me? She gets her pump and screams for Haider. Gazal rushes there and pushes Dua away, she says you wanted to kill her? Dua pushes her away and says shut up. She tries to help Hina but she says I won’t take anything from you. Dua says you have to drink water, she forcefully makes her drink water and Hina can breath again. Haider rushes there and asks what happened? Dua and Haider hold Hina. All family members come there. Haider says her inhaler is finished, he asks Gazal to bring her medicines but she is confused and says I.. Haider shouts to bring it. Gazal says I was about to order those.. Haider says you didn’t order it yet? Dua thinks she has her medicines in her room. She says its good that she is fine now, I should leave now. Haider stops her and says you are leaving her in this condition? Dua glares at him and leaves.

Dua goes to her room and thinks if Hina finds out that I ordered her medicines then she won’t take those, how can I help her? I never saw her in this condition. She cries for her.

Ijaz is beaten up and tries calling Gazal but she is not picking up. Ruhaan tells Ijaz that she doesn’t care about you, you and Gazal will pay for all this. He beats him more. Ijaz cries in pain and thinks he can beat me as much as he wants but he can’t go back home.

Dua tells Kaynaat that she ordered Hina’s medicines so she should take them to her. Kaynaat says you take care of her more than her own daughter and she doesn’t even deserve it. Dua says just take those and don’t tell her that I ordered these. Kaynaat takes it and leaves. Dua recalls flashback how she used to take care of Hina and would give her medicines on time, Haider used to say that only Dua can take care of her. Hina used to say that only Dua could make her feel better. The flashback ends. Dua says how could she go away from me so much, why would she hate me this much? I have to check on her. She starts going to her room but Haider comes there and stops her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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