Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina hallucinates about Gazal’s mother

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider tells Dua that nobody can separate us now, I want to spend all my years with you so lets write our love story which is filled with happiness and 2 kids. Dua laughs and says I want our kids to be just like you. They lie in each other’s arms, Dua says I am lucky to have you.

Hina is sleeping but dreams about Zeenat getting attacked by the mob. She wakes up and sees someone outside her room. She gets scared to see feet marks of Gazal along with someone else. She says who is the other person? She is scared and says what if its Zeenat coming back to take revenge? She turns around to see someone standing in the shadows. She screams and starts crying. All run to her, Dua asks what happened? Hina says she was here. Haider asks who? Hina tells Dua that she was here, I saw her. Ruhaan looks around the house and says there is no one around. Rahat asks if she saw a bad dream? Hina says no, she is here only. She gets dizzy and faints. Haider takes her from there.

The doctor checks Hina and tells Haider that she will be okay. Dua asks what happened to her? The doctor says she must have trauma because of the incident with Haider, just spend time with her and she will be fine. Gazal stands near the door and stares at Haider. Dadi whispers to Rahat that this Gazal is responsible for all this. The doctor leaves. Hina wakes up and recalls about her dream again, she says she is here, she is back. Haider says who? Hina says I saw her feet marks. Dua says it was Gazal’s feet marks, its nothing. Hina says no, there were other feet marks there too. I saw them, I couldn’t see her face but it was her only, it was.. Dadi stops her and says its your thoughts only. Ruhaan says there is no one in the house, I even checked the CCTV footage. Hina says I am not lying, it was her only. Haider says you need to rest and not take stress. Hina tries to leave. Haider says I will take you. They all go to the lounge but there are no other feet marks except Gazal’s. Hina is shocked to see that. Gazal thinks who is she talking about? Hina says this can’t be true, I saw her only. She frantically looks around. Haider asks her to calm down, Dua says you need to rest. Hina says no, she is back, she won’t let us live in peace, she is after all.. Dua stops her and says don’t worry. Gazal is totally okay. Gulnaz thinks this Dua stopped her from exposing herself. Dua takes Hina from there. Haider tells Rahat that he will call the doctor again, he leaves. Gazal tries to go behind him but Dadi stops her and says you don’t need to go behind him. Rahat says she means you should rest. Gulnaz takes her from there. Rahat tells Dadi that thank God Dua stopped Hina from speaking up. Dadi says we should throw this girl out of the house.

Haider and Dua are sitting with Hina. Dua tells Haider to not worry, I will stay with her tonight. Haider says I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Dua says we are with her so nothing will happen to her. Haider nods. Dua asks him to go and rest. He says no, I will stay with her. Dua says don’t worry, I am with her. He nods and leaves. Hina wakes up and screams for Haider. She says his life is in danger, she has come to take my kid away. She has come back to revenge. Dua says its just your worries.

Haider is going to his room and feels someone following him but goes to his room. He goes to sleep while Gazal watches him from the window.

Dua tells Hina that I know you are worried about Gazal, I promise to not let be alone and will fulfill all her wishes.

Gazal stands outside Haider’s door and says I can’t have feelings for a married man. Why do I keep dreaming about him and his voice.. why is he with someone else but I still want him. I feel like if I don’t get him then I won’t be happy in life. Gulnaz hides and hears that. She says this will work for me. I will take revenge on Hina using this girl.

Precap: Dua is in corridor and sees Gazal. She wonders what she is doing there late night outside their bedroom. Gazal is looking at Haider and says, I’m unable to control myself and says I love you. Dua from behind taps her shoulder, Gazal is shocked after seeing her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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