Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina accepts Gazal as her daughter in law

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal comes to the family, Ruhaan asks if Gulnaz agreed? she says no. Ruhaan says no no.. she has to agree. Gazal says no mother would want an orphan as her daughter-in-law, I should leave the house. Ruhaan holds her hand and says I will go with you. Gazal says your family loves you a lot, I don’t have anyone so let me leave. Ruhaan says I will go with you. Dua asks Ruhaan to control himself. Ruhaan says enough, I can take care of myself. Haider says to talk to her with respect. Ruhaan says I am sorry but I am blinded by my love. Gazal starts leaving so Ruhaan pleads with Haider to stop her, he will die without her. Gazal is about to step out but Gulnaz comes there and stops her. She says how can I let you leave when you care more about my emotions than your love.. Ruhaan won’t find a better girl than you.. I accept you, you will become this house’s daughter-in-law. Gazal hugs her and whispers you played good. Gulnaz whispers that I just want you to break Haider’s marriage. The flashback shows how Gazal told Gulnaz that once Ruhaan have a heartbreak then he will come to you.. he doesn’t listen to you, he takes Hina as his mother, he even wanted Hina’s permission first and this is because of Dua. He shares everything wit her so when his marriage with me breaks then he will hate Haider, Dua and Hina.. he will come back to you then and accept you as his only mother. Gulnaz says if that’s the case then I am with you, the flashback ends. Gulnaz tells the family that Gazal is going to be our daughter in law. Ruhaan rushes to her and hugs her.. he says thank you. Gulnaz gets emotional and says you are happy right? he says very much. Dua says what are you doing? you know what she did with Altaf.. she is still lying, she doesn’t love Ruhaan. Gulnaz says can’t you see love in her eyes for Ruhaan? Dua says she is cheating everyone, you know what kind of a girl she is and you are spoiling Ruhaan’s life. Gulnaz says she loves him a lot and I want a girl like her for Ruhaan. She asks Hina if Ruhaan can find a better girl than Gazal? Hina says this proposal is good. Dua says to Gulnaz how can you spoil your son’s life? Hina says don’t try to act like a mother.. why can’t Gazal get another chance? Dua says she did a sin. Ruhaan holds Gazal’s hand and says if we both accept each other then what’s your issue? Hina says maybe she is scared that if we have another daughter in law she might lose her position and power in the house. All are shocked. Dua says how can you say that? you said I am your friend and now you are saying all this for me? this can’t be true. Hina says you are our daughter in law and you know Gazal is my daughter… you know her position in my heart so stop insulting her. Haider says how can you say that? your new daughter did lie to all of us, what Gazal did.. an honorable woman wouldn’t do that. Dua was the one who took a stand for Gazal. Dua has always done the right thing for this family, she has always fulfilled her duties and you are hurting her for your new daughter? I didn’t expect this from you. Ruhaan says we all do mistakes but can’t Gazal get another chance? Hina says Gazal should have all the rights that she deserves. Dua tries to stop her but Haider tells her that its useless, lets go, he takes her from there. Dadi says you all took a decision but where am I? I always take decisions here. Hina leaves from there and brings sweets. She tells Dadi that we will have marriage soon. Dadi says give me poison.. how can you decide about Ruhaan’s marriage without me? I am not dead yet. We will decide about their marriage after thinking. Ruhaan says then I will take Gazal from here. Hina and Gulnaz try to stop him. Ruhaan says I can’t stay here if they can’t accept Gazal. Dadi asks him to leave.. you will keep running back to us. Rahat says stop them, its about our honor. Ruhaan and Gazal are leaving.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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