Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal realizes she is in love with Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dadi asks Dua to throw Gazal out of the house before she breaks her marriage. Dua says how can I throw her out, we have unintentionally hurt Gazal a lot and this is our chance to help her. Rahat says if you are doing the right thing but its hurting your family’s happiness then what would you do? think about your family’s happiness vs. doing the right thing. I think Haider might be waiting for you, Dua nods and leaves. Rahat tells Hina to not worry. Gulnaz hides and hears all that. She says he threatened to divorce me because of Hina’s secret which means he still cares for her, I have to tell this secret to Gazal somehow.

Haider comes to Gazal and asks how is she feeling? she smiles and says much better. Haider gives her medicines, he says I thought to give these to you, you will feel better. She smiles and thanks him. Dua comes there and says you are here? She brings a blanket for her and says you are staying her as my friend, if you need anything then just let me know. Dua and Haider leave.

Dua tells Haider that you didn’t like Gazal but you still helped her, you are the best husband. Haider says when you see death so closely then you change your thought process, I thought Gazal was ill-mannered and stubborn but when I looked closely, I saw how broken she is from inside and how strong she tries to be. It changed my thoughts about her.

Gazal is trying to sleep but keeps thinking about her time with Haider, how he took care of her.

Haider tells Dua that Gazal had to bear so much and all alone. I am so lucky that I have a loving family and such a good wife but she has no one, she ahs lost everything and it made me realize how lucky I am to have you, you are my reason to live and smile, you are my everything. Dua smiles at him as he kisses her hands. They come to their room and she finds the room decorated. Dua says Ruhaan must have done this. Haider says I did all this. Dua is surprised and says for what? Haider says today made me realize how much you mean to me. He sits on his knees and says I love you. Dua gets emotional seeing that. Haider says I love you so much that I can’t contain it. Dua hugs him and says you have given me all the happiness today.

Gazal says to herself that its so difficult to live alone in this life but for the first time I saw a man’s care for me which was not my father. She recalls Haider taking care of her. She thinks I lost everything today but I feel like I have got someone, I might have lost everything but I feel like I have found a partner. She says Haider repaired my heart maybe that’s why I fell in love with him, I love you Haider. She smiles and falls on the bed.

Haider tells Dua that I will love you till my last breath. Dua says don’t talk about death.

Gazal looks at Haider’s photo and says he is always angry with me, I wish he would be sweet with me like he is with Dua then I would know how good his heart is. She looks at Dua’s photo and says oh God.. he is Dua’s husband so I can’t have these feelings for him. I fell in love with a person that I can’t have, I never got any happiness in life and now I can’t even have my love.

Dua hugs Haider and says we will be together till we grow old. She says I can see love for me in your eyes. Haider says I want to scream it, they both fall on the bed together, Haider says when I thought I was dying, I was only thinking about you and how I wish I could tell you that you are my love. I just want to say that I love you. He kisses her forehead. Haider says no one can separate us now.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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