Pyaar hai ya sazaa part 13 & 14

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Anjali : kushi how did those reports change

Kushi : I did that yesterday night di you don’t worry

Anjali : I’m feeling very bad for lying to Chote

Before kushi could speak arnav enter..

Arnav : kushi that file.. ( he stop seeing Anjali) huh where is mehta’s file..

Kushi give him the file & Arnav turn to go

Anjali : Chote.. ( she hold his hand make him turn )

Holding her ears..

Anjali : Sorry hum tume parishaan nahi karna chahate the ( I didn’t wanted to trouble you)

Arnav hug her..

Arnav : I don’t want this to repeat..

Anjali : ok.. Now forgive her too.. Love birds don’t look good when apart..

Anjali leave..

Arnav : you’re not attending that party tonight will leave soon after wishing everyone exactly at 12:10 not a second more

Kushi : but why..

Arnav : Get some sleep you need it more than party

Kushi : but new year.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : No arguments.. ( kushi make sad face) we shall celebrate it tomorrow evening privately ( that brings back her smile & he pull her closer)

Kushi : you aren’t angry na..

Arnav : I was.. But I realised something later

Kushi : what.. ?

Arnav : I too have to confess something

Kushi : what..?


Raizada Guest house

Piya was calling a number which was constantly coming busy tone..

Piya : why are you doing this..

Lady worker : bitiya shall I serve the food

Piya : Nahi kaki bhook nahi hai ( no aunty I’m not hungry)

Lady worker : yeh tumhare sehat ke liye accha nahi hai aur phir arnav beta ne kaha hai na sab teek kardega (its not good for your health have food now & arnav have assured na.. He will set everything right )

Piya gets a call

Piya : haan Arnav

Arnav : He’ll meet you today may be around 12

Piya : I’m scared what if he gets angry

Arnav : He will get angry.. You shouldn’t have done that.. Anyway he will understand tell him everything no more secrets..

Piya : ok ( she say in low tone)

Arnav : don’t stress more.. Give him some time everything will be fine..

Night – car

Swara : Not fair bhaiyya..

Aryan : I really have important work princess

Gaayu : what work in mid night.. I’m observing many changes in you..

Aryan get bit shaken by her serious accent

Aryan : baccha I.. ( interrupt)

Gaayu : we will definitely talk about it tomorrow..

Swara : You need some attention..

Aryan : stop scaring me..

He stop the car at the castle.. Sanskar, ASR & RK were present at entrance..

Gaayu run to Arnav & pick her in arms..

Arnav : hello princess ( peck on her cheeks)

Gaayu : ( kissing him back) Hi Chote..

Aryan : princess you’re calling him Chote..?

Arnav : she like that name.. Let it be..

Arnav get a call so he move away giving gaayu to RK

Rk : princess.. Even I need a kiss..

Arnav : di where are you?

Anjali : sorry Chote got bit late.. I’m on the way

Arnav : its ok di.. Drive slow no need to rush..


Sanskar : you’re looking beautiful in this dress

Swara : thank you.. You too hot in this suit

They were having a cute eyelock but..

Gaayu : and how am I looking prince ferdy…

He pick her..

Sanskar : you’re looking like an angel..

Gaayu : thank you.. How’s this dress Chote gave me

Sanskar : bhai’s choice is the best & its looking more beautiful on my princess..


RK was having juice ( mixing wine in it) kushi come to him & take a glass beside him

RK : Noo.. ( he try to snatch but she won’t give)

Kushi : why? What’s in it..? Why can’t I drink..? Is it wine ( she look at him suspiciously)

Rk : No.. No. Its just a juice

Kushi : then why can’t I drink

RK : I have sipped from that glass so.. You take another..

Kushi : arre its ok..

She drink it & go..

RK : damn..

Pragya : where’s another glass..

He point at kushi..

Pragya : you let her drink !?

Rk : practically she snatched it from me & I can’t even say its spiked na.. She will get angry

Pragya : paagal ho yaad nahi kya kiya tha usne pichli baar ( are you mad.? Don’t you remember what she did last time when she got drunk)

Flashback starts..

Kushi : bhai… You go & talk to papa na..

Rk : why should I..

Kushi : tabhi shaadi hogi na ( then only marriage will happen na)

RK : Tumhari hogi ( yours will happen)

Kushi : pyaar milega ( love happens)

Rk : tumhe milega ( to you)

Kushi : bacche honge ( kids will be born)

Rk ; tumhare honge ( yours)

Kushi : mama mama toh aapiko bolenge na.. Aapke saath khelenge.. Masti karenge ( but they’ll call uncle to you only na.. They’ll play & have fun with you )

Rk : accha baccho.. Toh tumhari shaadi ke baad mein film chodke baby sitting karu.. ( so after your marriage I’ve to leave films & do babysitting)

Kushi : how mean.. Aap baat karoge ya nahi.. ( will you talk or not)

Rk : nahi.. ( no)

Kushi : teek hai mein khud hi karoongi aap baad mein aana mere paas tab batati hoon aapko ( fine.. I’ll only talk but dont you dare come to me later for anything)

A little later..

Kushi has climbed a tree.. She’s drunk..

Arnav : kushi niche utro ( kushi come down )

Kushi : nahi.. (No)

Anjali : uncle aajayenge utro niche.. ( uncle will come.. Come down)

Kushi : lo hitler kaa naam liya aur Hitler haazir.. ( see.. Talk of hitler & Hitler is here)

All elders come there & get shocked to see drunk kushi..

Madhu : kushi not a word more come down..

Kushi turn her face..

Kushi : Nahi mujhe suicide karna hai.. (No.. I want to commit suicide)

Arnav hold his forehead…

Raj : kya bakwas hai yeh.. Mazaak band utro niche.. Aur isse sharab kisne di.. ( what rubbish stop joking & come down.. Who the hell gave her wine)

Kushi look at RK

RK : Kuch mat bolo kushi.. Niche utro mein baat karoonga arnav se.. Tum niche aav please.. ( don’t say anything kushi.. Come down I’ll talk to arnav.. You come down please)

Kushi : ( pointing at Raj ) Hitler.. Mujhe sharab inhone ( RK) pilaayi.. ( to RK) Aur aap ab kya baat karoge arnav ne mana kar diya.. Ab ek hi raasta bacha hai.. SUICIDE..! ( Hitler.. He made me drink wine & you ( RK) what will you talk now.. Arnav refused now only one choice left SUICIDE..! )

Nandini : kya baat karna hai.. kya hua kushi ( what you want to talk.. What happened Kushi)

Pragya : kyun suicide karna hai tume ( why you want to commit suicide)

Kushi : ( pointing at arnav) yeh.. Yeh kada hai na kadoos.. Laad governor.. Isse.. Isse mein pyaar karti hoon ( he.. This Laad governor.. I.. I love him)

Arnav : kushi chup.. Kuch nahi bologi tum aage ( shut up kushi.. Don’t say anything)

Abhi : woh chup nahi hogi poora bolne do usse.. Bolo kushi.. ( she won’t be quiet let her complete)

Kushi : haan toh mein kahaan thi.. ( so where was I )

Pragya : tum iss kadoos laad governor se pyaar karti ho ( you love this Laad governor )

Kushi : haan toh mein isse pyaar karti hoon.. Aur yeh bhi mujhse bahut Matlab bahuuuuuuu..t zyaada pyaar karta hai.. ( yes.. I love him & he too love me a looooo…t )

Arnav hanging his head down in embarrassment

Arnav : RK shoot me..

Nandini : toh problem kya hai beta ( then what’s the problem)

Raj : problem yeh hai ki tumhari beti paagal hai.. ( the problem is your daughter is mad )

Madhu : uncle please.. Tum bolo kushi.. ( you tell Kushi)

Kushi : problem yeh hai ki.. Yeh laad governor mujhse shaadi karne se inkaar karta raha hai.. Iss liye mein jeena nahi chahati.. Mein suicide karoongi.. ( problem is.. This laad governor is not willing to marry me.. So I don’t want to live.. I’ll commit suicide)

she step her one leg in air standing on one leg & start trembling..

Everyone : Kushi..

Raj : paagal taang tudvana hai mujhse.. Utro niche.. ( I’ll break your leg.. Come down)

Kushi : arre Marne ke baad saare haddiyaan tod dijiyena lekin Marne ke baad abhi nahi.. No cheating ( break all bones after my death.. But only after death not now.. No cheating..)

Arnav : dammit come down..

Kushi : nahi.. Pehle tum vaada karo mujhse shaadi karoge toh niche aati hoon..( first you promise that you will marry me then I’ll come down)

Arnav : teek hai karoonga utro.. ( ok come down)

Kushi : par tum toh keha rehete hitler matlab papa nahi maanege rukho pehle unse poochti hoon.. ( to Raj) toh Mr Hitler aap raazi ho iss shaadi ke liye.. ( before he could speak she start talking again) kabardaar agar naa kaha toh.. Mein suicide kar loongi aur phir police aayegi aapko le jaayegi phir aap jail mein chakki peesing peesing peesing.. ( but you said hitler I mean papa won’t agree so Mr.Hitler are you ready for this marriage.. & don’t you dare say no otherwise I’ll commit suicide then police will come & they’ll take you then in jail you’ve to grind the flour..)

Raj : hilna band karo.. Teek hai karo ussise shaadi ( ok marry him only)

RK : dekho hitl.. Ah.. Papa maangaye ab utar jaav ( see even hitl.. Ah papa also agreed come down)

Kushi : arre mujhe hitler se shaadi nahi karni laad governor se karni hai usse poocho pehle ( but I don’t want to marry Hitler I want laad governor ask him first)

Arnav : bola toh meri maa karoonga tumse shaadi utro niche.. ( I said na.. I’ll marry you only come down)

Kushi : waah Hitler bhi maangaye aur laad governor bhi.. Toh.. Marna cancel.. Cancel.. ( wow.. Both Hitler & laad governor agreed so suicide cancel)

In attempt of getting down she slip & land in arnav’s arms..

Flashback ends..

Pragya : yaad aaya Kuch ( remember something)

RK : I.. Uh.. Someone call arnav first he’s the one to handle her .. God she got drunk again

Madhu : what..!?

RK : ( whisper to pragya) lo ek aur musibat ( see one more trouble)

Madhu : you spiked her drink

Rk : no she drank mine

Madhu : you brought wine in the party.. What uncle said.. You don’t have.. ( interrupt)

Pragya : stop stop.. Fight after I leave..


Arnav : so you reached..

Abhi : no one is here.. Where’s the party kahi Hitler ne band toh nahi karwadiya ( did Hitler got it stopped )

Pragya : be patient & listen to what she says..

Abhi : who..?

Arnav : Don’t think of anything else not even rishab

Pragya : just think of her whom you loved & who loved you back more than she loved herself

Abhi : what’s she doing in Raizada guest house

Pragya : she need you. Just go in & listen to her please..

Arnav : I hv kept lilies in your car give them to her


Kushi : sanskar where is Arnav..

Sanskar ; I think he was in lobby with pragya di

Swara : are you fine di..

Kushi : haan absolutely.. I’m just feeling bit light

Sanskar : you drank from rishab bhaiyya’s glass!?

Kushi : yes.. That juice tasted so bad yuck

Sanskar : swara hold her I’ll be right back

Piya was desperately waiting for abhi.. Lot was going on in both their minds

With much difficulty abhi open the door & there stands a love of his life.. Looking teary eyed at him … as soon as she see him

Piya : Abhi..!

She run to him & engulf into a bone crushing hug


Arnav walk in talking to Anjali on phone

Arnav : di where are you?

Anjali : I’m almost there..

Arnav : its ( he collide with kushi ) Kushi!

Kushi : where were you..

He hold her..

Arnav : di drive slow its ok if you get late..

Anjali : yea I’m.. That’s why still here & its already 11:59..

Arnav : I’m repeating don’t rush..

Anjali : ok.. ( she cut the call but bump into another car ) aaahh..

( party – clock strikes 12 swasan wish each other

Arnav : happy new year

Kushi : happy new year..


Rk : happy new year HKC

Madhu : happy new year !? Oh clock strikes 12

Rk : and you saw my face first.. Haha.. You lost the bet..

Madhu : whatever..


Anjali : Aryan..!

The other car is of Aryan’s.. He immediately get down & rush to Anjali..

Aryan : are you fine.. Did you get hurt.. Ah..

He start checking her. She’s just lost in admiring him

Aryan : speak something are you fine.. Damn can’t you drive properly

Anjali : happy new year..

Aryan leave her & move little back..

Aryan : huh happy new year!? Aapko dekhne ke baad bhi.. ( after seeing you..!?) He smirk sarcastically

Anjali : Aryan I.. ( interrupt)

Aryan : good bye..

He leave..


Guest house

Abhi pull back from hug.. And give her those lilies

Abhi : Happy new year

Piya ; Happy new year

She hug him again

Precap : Kushi peck on Arnav’s lips.. But then she suddenly move back..

Kushi : uh.. Sorry.. I.. I know I can’t..

Arnav pull her closer & lock her lips..

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