Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 7

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Hi guys..

Directly to the story.


Let’s see what’s going with neil and that chanting man..

As Neil slowly peeped into the room and saw the person covered by blanket was now chanting hanuman chalisa even more loudly..

Neil gave a confused look and took the blanket off from the person.

Person screamed loudly and ran to the corner of the room. His face is slowly revealed. It’s our childish kiddy purab with his eyes closed tightly and by folding hand together and blabbering​ something. Let’s hear what he is blabbering

Purab: bhoot bhaiya.. Bhoot bhaiya.. Plss leave me. I am very innocent. Even abhi bhai and neil bhai call me bacha, so pls leave me. If u wan,u can eat neil bhai..

No.. No.. No.. Not Neil bhai.. Becoz he is getting married na. If something happens to him,then manvi bhabhi will be sad. So,U can eat my abhi bhai. As he is not bringing any bhabhi for me. Also now a days he is scolding me every much. So please leave me. I am such a innocent baby??.

As he was saying all this with his eyes closed, neil who present there controlled his laugh and thought of playing with him more.

Neil in a scary ghost voice: So u want me to leave u.. Right..??

Purab still with eyes closed nodded yes.

Neil: Then, u have to listen my words. Will u..??

Purab: I will do whatever u say, bhoot bhaiya.. But please leave me..

Neil who taught this as a correct chance to take revenge.. He took the white blanket from the bed and covered his full body with it.

He gave a evil smile and ordered our childish purab who was still closing his eyes in fear.

Neil: 1st open ur eyes my child..

Purab: Sorry to say but.. I don’t to be ur child.. He said in a childish tone, opening his eyes slowly.

He got scared again and said: mummy please save me..

Neil suppressed his laugh and said why you don’t want to be my child..??

Purab: because I don’t want to be a child of a ghost. They are really very scary.I am very afraid of them. They will eat other people. They are very bad.

Neil laughed aloud making purab to get even more scared.

Neil: OK just listen to me now, you should now go to your maanvi bhabhi’s room.. and said something which was muted

Purab gave a confused and angry look and said, why should I do that..?? I won’t do it.. with the childish anger

Neil just laugh again and said:if you won’t do as I say then you will regret very much later… are you going now or should I… he moved towards him and came forward as if he’s going to attack him..

Purab just ran away from the room and was slowly walking in the corridor murmuring: what shall I do now..?? how can I do that this.. this this ghost bhaiya bhi na.. is very bad.

Neil from inside the room shouted: I can hear you… now just do as I said or you have to really see the bad face of mine..

Hearing that Purab ran away quickly towards Maanvi’s room..

He slowly peeped into her room and found her sleeping peacefully as she was tired due to the travel.

He moved towards the washroom and came out with a bucket full of water.

He moved towards her and said to her slowly: I am very sorry maanvi bhabhi but what to do if I don’t do this then that ghost bhaiya will eat me.. so kindly forgive me bhabhi.

Saying so she lifted the bucket and poured it on her.

Manvi woke up with a loud scream and jerked,saw her self being wet with full of water. She couldn’t understand what is happening around her that’s when she found purab near her.

He gave her a pleasing look and said:I am so sorry bhabhi, if I didn’t do this then that ghost bhaiya will eat me… My life is very precious na, you don’t worry I will get you an another nwlew dress but please forgive me bhabhi..

Man who was now boiling like a hot cooker bursted out at him: What the hell is this Purab and who is that ghost Bhaiya.. say me I will rip him off right now..

Purab : No bhabhi,don’t do that. he’s a ghost if you beat him then he will eat you…

Manvi who got highly irked was about to shout at him again that’s when both of them heard a loud laughing sound at the door. That’s our naughty neil.

Manvi understood what happened where as our childish Purab was still unable to point out.

He slowly moved towards Neil and asked bhai did you see that ghost..?? is it still here or he ran off..??

Hearing that Neil laughed out more holding a stomach. That’s when Purab the white blanket behind him.

Meanwhile abhi and Pragya reached Maanvi’s room from where they heard the loud scream.

They were shocked see the scenario as Manvi was boiling in anger who was wet and Neil was Rolling In The Floor holding his stomach laughing a lot and Purab was giving a confusing look to Neil.

Manvi moved towards neil and started to beat him in between she said :how dare you neil..?? how could you do this To me.. she was continuously beating him and shouting at him.. Where as neil had no effect on, he was still laughing which made Manvi to get more anger.

Seeing the scenario abhi and Pragya started to laugh aloud which gained attention of the trio. They looked at the them as if they are seeing some different creatures.

Seeing them laughing like a mad Neil to joined the duo.

Maanvi who got highly irked, shouted: STOP IT

That’s when the three saw here boiling and abhi composed himself and asked: what’s going on here ( trying hard not to laugh).
Maanvi just glared at him

Abhi turned towards the others.
Where Neil n pragya looked like a innocent child. Purab was still trying to point out what’s happening.

Abhi: Neil, what’s going on man..??

Neil didn’t say anything,just put his head down trying not to laugh.

Abhi gave an unbelievable look and turned towards purab and asked: puru.. U say what’s happening..?? With the glare.

Seeing his glare, purab murmured, that’s why i said that bhoot bhaiya to eat bhai.. See how he’s glaring at me. But where did he went..??

Abhi who heard him murmuring again asked him, what are murmuring to yourself, answer me.

Purab with a confused tone: Vo abhi bhai… And narrated the whole incident.

Abhi and pragya just sighed in disbelief and looked at neil, who was standing like a child who caught from his mother for stealing chocolates.

Pragya: bhai what’s this..?? When did u start behave so childish.

Neil immediately said: no pragu,this girl na always scold for reaching late,that’s y i thought of taking revenge. Like a child pointing towards maanvi.

Abhi just laughed at his statement for which he got a glare from maanvi.

Purab who couldn’t understand anything interrupted in their talk to clear his doubt: but bhai, where is that bhoot bhaiya..?? Where did he go away suddenly..?? Asking scratching his head with a childish look

For which he earned a glare from abhi and maanvi. Where as neil was trying to not laugh.

Maanvi: bhai, i think both of them got mad.. And u.., pointing towards neil, i am not gonna marry u.. She said huffing and walked out.

Neil was shocked by her statement and got freezed at that place. Pragya jerked him and asked him to go behind her. He ran fast to catch her.

Abhi n pragya saw each other bursted out in laughing. Purab who got highly irked of this laughter session shouted: can anybody explain me, where that bhoot bhaiya went..??

Abhi just composed himself and took purab with him and started to explain him.. They both went out.

Pragya just smiled seeing them.

Abhi : so now did u understand..??

Purab: so that was neil bhai..?? But who was one who shouted at the back of us in the evening..??

Abhi: that was pragya and maanvi..

Purab: ohh.. Ok bhai.. I m feeling sleepy, i am going to room..

Abhi: wait.. Wait.. Where are u running off.. What u said.. To eat me ahh..?? Why u said so..??

Purab stammered: vo bhai.. U r not bringing my bhabhi na.. Moreover now a days u scold me much,that’s why i said so…

Abhi: hmmm.. Ok.. I will fulfil ur wish soon..

Purab’s face got brightened and asked: so gonna bring my bhabhi bhai..??

Abhi smiled and nodded yes. Purab jumped in happiness and hugged him tightly. Abhi to hugged him back expressing his happiness of getting back his doll. He patted purab and broke the hug.

When are u gonna bring her bhai .. Asked a excited purab.

Soon.. Said abhi smilingly.

Screen shifts between abhi and pragya’s smiling face.


So guys the episode ends here.. Thank  everyone for congratulating me. I wholeheartedly thank u all..

Silent readers plss write ur opinion. My last epi got only 7 comments. Plss it really means a lot. Do pen down ur opinion whether it is good or bad.

Thanks to all those who are encouraging and supporting me. Keep supporting buddies..

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