Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 6 (part-2)

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Hi guys..

All my bak bak afterwards.. 1st let us move into the story.. I think many are eagerly waiting for it..

Guys this is the 2nd part of the last update..

Neil was looking around for abhi. As he was passing through a room, he heard someone chanting hanuman chalisa.

As the door was slightly opened, he peeped into the room and saw a figure covering itself by a blanket around it’s head and was continuously chanting
“Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar
Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar 
Ram doot atulit bal dhama
Anjani-putra Pavan sut nama”

He slowly went near it and his placed hand on it’s shoulder.. Suddenly there was a huge sound.

As this was happening..

Abhi saw pragu with tear filled eyes and pragya was immersed in her own world with her lovable moon. She a had constant smile in her face, which abhi knew that it was not from her heart as it didn’t reflected in her eyes..

Abhi’s POV

I am so sorry doll, i just misunderstood you. But somewhere in the corner of my heart i knew that u r a innocent soul. I was a fool who got into the words of my stupid friends. But u know na doll..!! How much deeply i love you.. Though i acted infront of u but can’t forget my love.. My 1st ever love and cursh of my life and u will be the last too..

I still love u deeply and madly as before.. When I saw u for the 1st time when neil introduced me through that phone call.. I felt as if i got my doll back..

I still remember that day..


It was sunday. I and neil always used to spend time together on sundays.. Either in my home or in his..

Today we planned it in his home..

But that idiot has still didn’t reached yet.. Huh..??? Neil where are you man..?? I gonna kill u.. It’s more an hour i am waiting for u,but u stupid not even attending my calls..
Let me try again.. If u still don’t pick it up.. Then u r gone for sure..

Finally he picked it..

“Hey u blo*dy man.. Where r u..?? I am waiting for u more than an hour.. But u crackpot where hell u r haan..?? Stupid.. Answer me man..”

He tried to console me but i am not in the damn mood to listen him.. And i again started.. “What now..?? R u gonna console me..?? But i am sorry.. I’ve now became an angry lion.. If u come infront of me i will rip u off.. But,Wait.. Why am i asking sorry… It’s u who should apologize me.. Speak up man..”

Again he tried saying something.. But again spoke up..

“No need.. U just come here right now.. Then u will see the real face this Rock star Abhi.. And u..”

Just i heard a girl shouting on the other side..

“Just stop it.. U duffer idiot.. Just put a plaster in ur mouth or i will come tear ur mouth away..How much u talk.. Damn god.. And what u said.. U r a rockstar haan..?? No u shouldn’t be that.. U should run a talk show where u should conduct a contest among u and ur participant that, who does bak bak more.. I am damn sure that u will only win ?…”She said all in a breath n left out huge breath..

Here i got more anger and confused that who hell is this girl speaking continuously that also in my buddhu buddy’s phone and i again spoke up,

“Hey u miss whatever.. I was talking to my buddy.. But Who the hell are you..?? What are u doing with my buddy’s phone uhh?? Wait.. Wait.. Did u kidnap him.. Omg..”

Girl on the other side got irked,shouted back,

“Hey u… Just stop ur crap u duffer.. I am not miss whatever… I am Pragya… Did u get that?? And why should i kidnap ur buddy huh…???”

I was just freezed hearing her name.. What she said..?? Pragya… Is that my doll… No no.. My doll won’t talk this much.. She is such a childish innocent soul.. But this girl over the phone is devilish irritating aatma..

Pragya,” hey speak up man.. What happened..??  Did u got scared..?? Ok ok.. Don’t worry.. I forgive..”

Abhi who heard this huffed in anger and spoke up immediately,

“Hey.. Hold on.. Who told that i am afraid of u haan.. Yes, i agree u r a devil,but i m not afraid u.. Got it..??” I said with a smirk..

I can hear her huffing in anger and here go, again this devil has started to stormed out on me..

“Uuuu.. How dare u call me devil.. Haan?? What u know about me..?? U irritating flopstar..”

“Hey hear properly.. What u said me..?? Flopstar ahh.?? I am abhi, abhi the rockstar.. And what are you doing with my buddy’s phone..??” I said with lot of attitude.

“Whatever.. And this is my bhai’s phone.. And he is busy with my to be bhabhi.. By the way, who are u.. And who is ur so called buddy..??”

As she said this, i once again checked the call whether i called the neil or not.. And it was neil only.. But who the hell is this girl..? And what is she saying bhai, bhabhi n all..??

Wait.. Wait.. I think she is the girl who neil used to say her his sister and moreover she is the bff of mannu i think.. Here go again this devil started..

” are u there u duffer flopstar…??”

“Haan haan.. Moreover i am not duffer flopstar, i am super rockstar.. Got it..??”

“Whatever, call late….” As she was about to finish i heard that idiotic neil’s voice, who made me struck up with this pathetic devil..

“Pragu.. Who is in the line..??”

I heard her saying ” someone abhi the flopstar.. I mean rockstar is in line bhai.. ”

What the hell.. She is again n again calling me flopstar.. How dare she.. Wait 1st lemme handle that idiot and i will go with this devil..

“OMG..!! Sure i am gone today.. He gonna kill me..” I heard neil murmuring… I think that idiot now only remembered about our meeting..

” I am so sorry abhi.. I forgot.. I was with maanvi yaar.. So only…”

” Stop it.. 1st come to ur home right now.. I want u to be here in 10mins.. Or else i will ripe u of.. And if i am  not wrong, the one who was in line was ur sweet sister right..??  But i am sorry to say that she isn’t sweet.. Moreover she is a devil in the form of a human..”

” hey.. How dare u say that..?? Uu pathetic bak bak idiot..” Now i realize the phone is in speaker.. Oh.. My goodness i don’t want to hear her scoldings and without considering her, i said neil to come fast.. Saying so i hung up the call..

Flashback ends

After that in each of our meeting we used to fight for silly thing… I really got happiness by irritating her.. And enjoy it… Sometimes seeing her activities i used to think that she is my doll.. But i always used to shook that thoughts away…

Finally today i got my doll back.. See doll, how i am gonna treat u like a princess.. I know it will be hard for u to forgive me.. But seeing ur love for me i am damn sure i will get u back..

Abhi’s POV ends..

Abhi came out of his thoughts and composed himself and wiped his tears which was about to fall anytime..

Abhi smiled a little and placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her out of her thoughts.. And said..

“So fuggy.. I didn’t know that u will also have a past.. But it was sweet as well as sad.. But don’t worry.. Ur Hope n dream will come true soon..”

Pragya smiled at his statement and said ” thank u soo much abhi.. But i think now we should move.. Mannu will be worrying about me.. And it’s also very late..”

Abhi was disappointed that he was not able spend some more time with his doll… But he knows that she will be tired of journey and so he was.. So he nodded and about moved towards their room and as their rooms are opposite to each other’s..

As they were moving near they heard a sudden loud scream coming from a nearby room.. Both looked at each other and rushed towards the room..

Screen freezes with both of them running towards the room.

Precap: “Neil.. What going on man..??” “I donno bhai.. I think both got mad..”


I am very sorry guys.. Actually was very busy.. 1st due to my relatives visit and another due to the result..

And i really very good CGPA.. Now i busy with my 11th adimission.. Wilk catch u all soon..

Pls pen down ur valuable comments frnds.. I feel like no one is liking the story.. So pls share ur opinion..

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