Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 1

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Hi guy.. Sorry I am late, suddenly i got unwell yesterday. Thanks a lot for ur support and encouragement.
So, every one got confused as i mentioned abhi n pragu as cousin. Actually guys i forgot to mention that Ragini is the sister of Ram.Ram is the 2nd elder brother of ragini.By this i think ur all ur confusions are cleared. Becoz in tamil culture it is common to get married to ur’s uncle’s or aunt’s son or daughter.
By now i think all ur worries would have been vanished.
Note: The guy and girl in the cover page are Maanvi and Neil khanna.

Ok, Let’s move on to 1st episode.

It’s a beautiful morning. Mr.Sun is shinning very brightly indicating a bright day. Birds are chirping with their beautiful chirpy voice.
A big bungalow is shown. In the board we can see its written ARORAS.
A big window is shown opend but the curtains covering the window are restricting our Mr.Sun to peek into the room. As we all go inside the room we can see a petite body covering herself with a blanket is hugging a big teddy bear in it’s side.

Room is filled with lots of teddy bears here and there.
As we move towards her side,we can see her beautiful face simling(seems like she is having a very good dream). Her lovely dream is disturbed a phone call. She is lazily moving her hand in the side table,finally she gets hold of the phone. Without seeing the call id ,she attends the phone and kept it on her ear.
Girl, lazily yawing, hello.
Caller, hey you lazy idiot, r u still sleeping?? Get up fast,we have start to move at 10 from here.
Girl, Mannu,why r u yelling at me in this early morning,let me sleep, be a good girl like my bussy,see how lovigly she is sleeping without disturbing me.
Maanvi,hey sleeping beauty, throw ur bussy aside,it’s 9 at morning and u r still sleeping.
The girl gets up from the bed and sits by folding her legs along the blanket. Still her ears are only shown. Girl,hey, don’t u dare to dare to say anything about my bussy.
Maanvi on the other gets irked and says, u and ur stupid bussy,keep ur sleep and ur bussy aside and get ready fast. You should be at my place within half n hour or else we will go leaving you hear.
Girl, oh,dont u dare to do in ur wildest dream. How can u leave ur pie in ur own marriage ha?? Did forget the consequences u have to face for the act of this ur’s..?? U know na what my brother will do if u leave me?? Saying so the girl smirked.

Maanvi, u and ur stupid brother. Don’t think that i m afraid of him..
Girl, wait let me call bhai n say him that u r planning to leave me.
Maanvi immediately, arey meri maa i m sorry, now get ready fast and come soon.
Girls, hmmm, that’s like my kitty.
Maanvi , pragu (ya,it’s our beautiful heroine pragya)enough yaar now cut the phone and get ready fast ,it’s already 15 past 9 and bulbul di will be here at any movement.
Pragya, okay bye,see u there in 30 mins.
When manvi was about to disconnect the call pragu interrupted, shall i bring my bussy too, see she is seeing me sadly with her sady sady face,she will me miss na..?? Becoz i have to be there for a week,said sadly.
Maavni,pragu i am gonna kill u.. She needs a space for a person. Better u come here fast or else………….
Pragu, go kitty,u r too bad,bye.. Saying so disconnected the call and hurried to the washroom.
Here maanvi on the other side smiles seeing her childishness.

Screen shifts to a big mansion
We can hear loud music coming from a room. A handsome guy, who is fully showerd with sweat is seen doing exercise with his dumbbells.
Suddenly his phone starts ringing. The screen is flashing the name Neil. He attends the call.
Boy, hey buddy,wassup??
Boy, huh..??
Neil, then what?? You only asked right…What’s up..??
Boy,hey u ,don’t irritate me with ur silly jokes at the morning itself..
Neil, then what?? Aren’t you still get ready..?? We have start from here at 10 man… And u r still busy with ur exercise,said neil angrily.
Boy,arey don’t get angry man. You know na i am rockstar abhi, everyone drool over muscles and my body, and i should also keep up to their expectations right?! You don’t worry i will there at right time.
Neil, better you do as u said, or else i will make my bunny run after…
Abhi, arey don’t call it as bunny, it’s a monster, don’t know why its always behind me..?? Everyone run behind with love and craziness, but this insane dog of ur’s is always Huffing behind me.
Neil laughed at his statement and said, wow..!! The great Abhi the rock star is afraid of my bunny… Wait let me post this at my twitter site.. Sure i will get lots likes and tweets and u will get more famous across the country.
Abhi, hey don’t u dare to do that,who said that i am afraid of ur so called bunny haan?? I am just acting man…
Neil, acha then i can bring my bunny to wedding, he will miss me right?? Now i have no worries about this matter..
Abhi scared, hey u r not serious right??

Neil,hey i am damn serious man,bunny is also accompanying us to my wedding as he said me that he is also eager to see my wedding and as well as my lil sister asked me bring him..
Abhi,for ur sister u r ready to take ur buddy’s life right..??
Neil,arey don’t worry yaar he will come in another car.. Chill out man..
Abhi sighing in a out a big relief, are u sure that u r bringing him to ur wedding..??
Neil, hey scary cat don’t be so afraid, and yes he is also coming to my wedding..
Abhi,what did u say i am scary cat haa..?? Wait and watch what happens..
Neil,for that u have to come here right..!!??
Abhi,yes i will be there in 30 mins.
Neil,ok then bye..
Abhi, again i am asking u,are u sure about ur decision to bring ur bunny??
Neil,arey how many times i have to say u.. I am damn sure about my decision.
Abhi,errrer…. ? hmm..ok bye,see u in a while. Saying so he disconnects the call.
He goes to washroom murmuring, oh my god,how i am going to handle that devil. God, I know i m hot and happening to resist.. But If u want u can take all my flesh after die right?? Then what’s the need of sending that monster to the wedding..?? If i ever get hold of his sister, damn sure i will get her bited by her bunny itself.
On the other side neil laughs out loudly seeing his buddy scared of his bunny.
The screen shifts between pragu’s face and abhi’s scared face…

Episode ends here..

Thanks alot ur support guys. If u like this epi ,pls pen down your comments. Hope all ur confusions are cleared now.

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