Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades of relationships (Character Sketch)

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The plot showcases different type of shades in every relationship be it siblings, friendships, or love. Shades include love, hate, and passion.

Main couples

Abhi – Pragya : Their relationship start with sweet and sour and later turns to mutual understanding. The relation is termed as “Compatible according to everybody in terms of friends, and partners.

Purab – Bulbul : “Assertive relationship where both respect each other’s needs. They try to discover each other’s missing part in life and makes sure to acknowledge each other’s potentiality.

Karan Preeta-Rishab : One define perfect love hate relationship and other reflects respecting each other . Two people who does not want to see each other’s face. The other one builds relation with trust and respect for each other.

Which relationship will make its way for lifelong?

Rishab Shrishti : Opposite pole often attract each other. One end is reserved other end is outspoken. What will happen when two uncommon personalities come together?

Sameer Shrishti : Both of them develops deep bonding of friendship. They share each other’s pain and happiness.

PS : I am not gonna reveal much Rishab-Shrishti-Sameer and Karan-Preeta -Rishab triangles . You will have to wait till it unfolds later.


Arora family

Sarla : Mother of Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Shrishti. Sweet and loving women who raised her four daughters with lot of struggles. Owns Kumkum bhagya hall from years and runs it successfully

Pragya : Eldest daughter of family. Strong and independent person who becomes man of the house. Very protective to her younger sisters and loves them a lot. She believes in serious commitment for relationship and hates lying people. Works as event manager in Phoenix company.

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Preeta : 2nd daughter Young and beautiful physiotherapist who is very passionate about her profession. Loves her mother and sisters a tot. She comes across Luthra brothers when destiny will link her with one of them. She shares different bonding with both of them at same time. She has high level of self respect

Bulbul : Younger one in family, She and Shrishti are considerably twins but have different ambitions and aspirations. Both sisters have conflicts within them from childhood. She still tries to protect her sister from every problem even at the risk of her life. Her only goal in life is to make place in Shrishti’s heart some day. The fire increases within sisters when she falls of Purab. Successful fashion designer in Mumbai.

Shrishti : Carefree, arrogant and highly ambitious woman who loves her freedom. Upcoming photographer with passion of making documentary. She has intense conflict with Bulbul and her mother from childhood incidence. She is however understood by Preeta and Dadi beneath her anger. Her only weakness is anger which turns her life upside down.

Dadi : Grandmother of all four Arora girls. Being older does not stop her from being childish and have fun. She loves all four of her grandchildren but has soft corner for Shrishti. She often guides her the right way and wants all her girls to become independent.

Luthra family

Mahesh : Father of Karan and Rishab. Very loving and cool dad to his children but is very strict at the same time. Loves his wife Rakhi a lot and is down to earth being from affiliated family. Always guiding his sons in right way in life

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Rakhi : Cool mother of Luthra brothers and obedient wife of Mahesh. She loves her family a lot. She too holds up certain principles and is quite modern thinking woman in the family. She loves her kids but has soft spot for Rishab.

Rishab : Elder son of Luthra house. Mature, caring, simple and sweet. Handles his brother management of cricket and their family business of hotel. Never got time for his own life due to family responsibility. Loves his brother to the extent and can do anything for him.

Karan : Younger son of family and is pampered from everybody. Star cricketer of country and is tagged as Casanova by people. He becomes successful at young age but is indebted to his brother for his success. Naughty, prankster and childish like this father and always makes fun environment in the house.

Dadi : Mahesh’s mother and grand mom of Luthra kids. She shares very unique bonding with Karan due to similarities between them. She is little bit detached from Sameer more than her own grandkids.

Mehra family

Abhi : Rockstar Abhi who made his own name with all hard work. He is proud of his achievements and success. Raised by his Dadi after his parents death.

Daljeet : Abhi’s only dadi and his only world. She raised him like his own kid and always encourage Abhi for everything he does.

Khanna family

Purab Khanna : Another part of Abhi’s family who he considers like brother. Honest and very strict cop who is very ruthless when it comes to crime. He have hard time handling his relationship with Bulbul due to her overprotectiveness for Shrishti but later understands her love.

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Ruhi : Career orientated woman who runs successful magazine company. She comes across as very loving and caring but very obsessive for things she wants to achieve by hook or crook. Loves her childhood friend Sameer and clashes a lot with Shrishti in terms of personal and professional. She is too affectionate for Bulbul as her brother’s girlfriend.

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