Piyaa Albela 13th December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Pooja pushes Bua off the stairs as Supriya takes a decision

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Piyaa Albela starts with Bua having a fun time taking care of Pooja(Sheen Dass) as she hides around and refuses to listen to her. She scares Supriya suddenly and she gets irritated. Rahul assumes the role of a black magician-jhooley wale baba, he decides to kidnap Pooja in this disguise.  Naina says she will not leave Mamaji so soon and he hands over all the shares and fd papers also Pooja’s mother’s jewellery so she could just leave them alone. Naina says she will not go. Neelima approaches Bua as she prays. Neelima asks Bua to call up her swami so as to do a pooja at home and also so Pooja can get the blessings. Bua says that she will call the swami by the time Naren returns from Delhi. Rahul tries to cover Pooja with a sac and scares her. Neelima takes advantage of the situation and says that jhooley wale baba was here and he will take her off with him.Neelima tells Pooja that Bua has called a baba to take her away, Pooja refuses to believe but Neelima asks her to go and look as Bua is talking to the Baba right now. (Also Read: Naren has to leave Pooja’s room)

Pooja watches hiding and sees Bua talking to a baba and she gets very scared. Supriya, Harish and Naren (Akshay Mhatre)meet a specialist for Pooja who tells them that it can be due to Pooja’s mother’s genes as well. Supriya is worried that this might effect the coming generation as well. Naren challenges the doctor that he will make Pooja fine with the help of alternative therapies. Naren walks out of the room and the papers of his research fly away as he desperately tries to collect them. Supriya and Harish take Naren away. Bua prepares for the jaada and goes to get Pooja. Rahul and Surbhi are happy that soon Pooja will react. Bua gets Pooja out as she is very hesitant. Pooja sees the Baba and also the bag he carries and in her fear she jerks Bua off. Bua falls off the stairs and lands below hurt. Naren and his parents enter right then and are shocked to see this. Neelima blames Pooja for this and Supriya lashes out at her. Supriya asks the pandit to leave. Rahul and Surbhi walk in as Surbhi wails with a wounded hand. She blames Pooja for it as Supriya and Naren take Pooja to task. Supriya asks Naren to stop giving Pooja so much attention as that is making her out of control. Supriya asks Pooja to go to her room. Naren feels bad as he watches her crying. Pooja feels guilty for having hurt Bua and now doctor advises Bua to take complete bedrest. Neelima advises a fulltime nurse for Pooja.

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