People Still Count On Me For A Good Performance: Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan says even though his recent films have not performed as expected at the box office, filmmakers and the audiences still consider him a “bankable actor” as he believes in pushing the envelope.

Saif, 47, said, apart from the fact that a star can bring money and security to a project, as an actor it is also important to understand the vision of the filmmaker.

“You are in the industry where box office is important. Everybody is looking for something that will give them security and money. And if a star is doing that, then you will build an industry around it. It goes beyond ego and simple things,” Saif told PTI in an interview.

He said economics drives the star system in the industry but actors are required to go beyond what is expected of them.

“A bankable hero is what the industry is based on. I dont think I have been one for a while. I am a bankable actor in the sense that people can count on me for a good performance. (I am) someone who will push himself for a role and be well behaved. It is also important,” he added.

Saif, whose role in Kaalakaandi is generating quite a buzz, has had a rough year with Rangoon and Chef not doing well at the ticket window but the actor said he has taken the failure in his stride.

“Box office success will be great but even without that it has been an engaging and exciting time as an actor for me where I am working with different set of directors. Also, I am trying to get better and improve myself. I have done a lot of work. It is a good attitude (to have) than being upset about it.”

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