Pandya Store’s original cast bids farewell as show takes a leap

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Pandya Store’s original cast bids farewell as the show takes a leap

The beloved original cast members of Pandya Store, including Shiny Doshi, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Kinshuk Mahajan, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, Maira Dharti Mehra, and Mohit Parmar, have filmed their last episode before the show takes a leap. To commemorate the occasion, Akshay and Shiny took to Instagram to share a heartfelt moment of cutting the cake together in the green room. Akshay expressed his sentiments, saying, “Miss you all, last day of shoot.” Undoubtedly, fans will miss the cherished Pandya Parivaar, as the cast has entertained them with their captivating story for over two years, and now bids farewell as a unit.

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Fans flooded the post with comments, expressing how much they will miss the cast. One user wrote, “Chalte chalte mere y geet yad rakhna kbhi alvida na kahna kbhi alvida na kahna… miss u so much.” Another user shared, “Last day of set, we will miss you guys and your madness.”

For those unaware, the show is set to undergo a generation leap, where the entire cast will be revamped, and a fresh storyline will be introduced. Kruttika Desai Khan will be the only one continuing her journey in the show, while the rest bid their final farewells.

In a recent interivew, Shiny Doshi reflected on her exit from Pandya Store, expressing, “I have no regrets or disappointments because I have given my all to the show. I have played the character of Dhara with dedication, and there was not much left for me to explore. This show holds a special place in my heart as it garnered immense love and attention. Portraying Dhara’s character came with its fair share of challenges. It will be an emotional experience to bid farewell and move forward, but my journey with the show has reached its end.”

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