Pandya Store’s Generation Leap: Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik reflect on their Journey and Bond

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Pandya Store’s Generation Leap: Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik reflect on their Journey and Bond

In a significant turn of events, the popular TV show “Pandya Store” has embarked on a generation leap, bidding farewell to its old cast members. Kanwar Dhillon, who portrayed Shiva, and Alice Kaushik, known for her role as Raavi opened up about their remarkable journey on the show in an interview. Additionally, the duo addressed the ongoing rumors about their relationship.

Reflecting on Their Journey in Pandya Store, Alice expressed her delight in being part of the beautiful journey that “Pandya Store” provided. The show not only enriched her as an artist but also contributed to her personal growth. Playing the character of Raavi was a fulfilling experience, and she cherished the opportunity to work with a fantastic director. The memories she took away from the show were truly heartfelt.

For Kanwar, summing up the journey was no easy task, as it encompassed a plethora of experiences, both personal and professional. He acknowledged that a lengthy journey like theirs involved facing numerous challenges and celebrating individual achievements. Bid farewell was difficult for the entire cast, given that the decision to wrap up was sudden. Nevertheless, they embraced the end of this chapter on a positive note, having contributed significantly to the show. As they now look ahead, they wish the team all the best for their future endeavors.

Kanwar spoke fondly of the cast, describing them as a happy family on the sets of “Pandya Store.” Though they had their fair share of love and conflicts, they eventually found resolutions, and their unity became a source of strength. The diverse personalities of the cast members brought them together like a family. Kanwar expressed his hope to maintain the connection and continue meeting each other even after the show concludes.

Refuting the speculations about dating each other, both Kanwar and Alice shared that they never envisioned themselves being romantically involved with fellow actors. However, they expressed happiness in finding each other and cherishing the bond they share.

Kanwar straightforwardly dismissed any talks of marriage or a wedding. He confirmed that such rumors were entirely baseless.

As “Pandya Store” begins its new phase with the generation leap, fans will surely miss the beloved characters portrayed by Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik. Nevertheless, their journey on the show has left a lasting impact and a legacy of cherished memories.


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