Pandya Store 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Gautam and Dhara get concerned about Shiva and Raavi

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Pandya Store 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Gautam and Dhara get concerned about Shiva and Raavi

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In today’s episode of Pandya Store we saw Raavi and Arnav at the airport. Arnav shows Raavi the shirt and she is shocked to see the shirt she bought from Shiva. She recalls Shweta’s involvement in the whole scenario and thinks that perhaps Shiva saw the price tags of the shirts and got irked after seeing the cheaper shirt for him.

Arnav asks her if there is any problem. Raavi blames herself for the misunderstanding between her and Shiva. Arnav promises to help her. At home, Dhara prepares the dry fruit halwa while Shweta thinks that this halwa is made once in a year in this house and is prepared every day for breakfast at her home. Dhara leaves to give halwa to Chikoo. Shweta eats the halwa in her absence instead of giving it to Chutki. Rishita on the other hand is waiting for the halwa which Shweta had just finished. She is now worried that Rishita will kill her for this. She decides to leave before anyone sees her in the kitchen.

Shweta sees a cat and thinks about taking her to the kitchen and putting the blame on her. Suman sees her trying to catch the cat. Rishita goes to the kitchen and sees that there is no halwa there. Shweta puts the blame on the cat and says that she was waiting for the halwa to cool down while the cat ate it. Rishita touches the vessel and says that it is still hot. How can the cat eat from a hot vessel? She says that Shweta has eaten the entire halwa.

Shweta complains to Dhara that Rishita is blaming her for eating the halwa while the cat ate it. Rishita says that she always wants to have everything for Chikoo while Chutki gets nothing. Dhara stops Rishita and asks her not to always compare the kids. She asks Krish to buy more dry fruits from the market and gives Chikoo’s leftover halwa to Rishita and asks her to feed it to Chutki. Rishita denies and says Chutki will not eat Chikoo’s leftover food. Dhara loses her cool and asks everyone to leave.

Dhara comes to her room and apologizes for their fight in the morning. Gombi and Dhara talk about Shiva and Raavi and get worried about them. Dhara says that things between Krish and Shweta are also not good. Meanwhile, Shweta tries to be friends with Krish. She puts a heart-shaped note on the bed and asks him to be her friend. Krish tears the note in pieces and is about to leave when Shweta holds his hand.

Raavi returns home. Rishita hugs Raavi and welcomes her back. Raavi feels dizzy and faints.

Precap: Raavi tells Dhara that she is late on her period. She also tells her that she cannot be pregnant as nothing has happened between her and Shiva for the last few months. Shweta listens to their conversation. Dhaara warns Shweta not to reveal this in front of the family or she will throw her out of the house this time.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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