Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pandyas decide to celebrate holi

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Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta coming and greeting everyone. She falls down. Everyone laughs. She scolds the kids. Shesh says aunty fell down. She asks him to shut up, no one will laugh. Suman comes out of her room. Shweta asks Krish couldn’t he help her, he is her husband, stop laughing. Chiku says we didn’t wish to make anyone fall. Suman says she is already fallen. Mittu sys we tried to do good work. Dhara says you did good work. Shesh says Chiku said you also wipe the floor like this. Chiku says yes, we did the same today, we decorated the house to make you happy, don’t make us leave the house in anger. They apologize. Dhara and Rishita say no one is making you out of the house. They go and hug their kids. Suman smiles. She asks Krish to throw Shweta in the garbage truck. Krish says okay. Shweta says no. Dhara says this is our house, the kids are also ours, if you have a problem, then you clean the floor, kids messed the kitchen, clean it well. Rishita says give the kids a bath, okay. Shweta worries. Gautam says you want to become our bahu, do the work. Krish says yes, do the work. Shweta sys I didn’t come to become a maid, I have work. She goes. Chiku asks can’t we make her out. Suman says no, she isn’t going, we are trying. Dhara asks Mittu to go out and play.

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Suman says kids’ happiness is to innocent, I wish they always stay happy. Dhara says yes, we don’t know till then will this situation stay the same, what will happen when the kids learn the truth. Rishita says I don’t understand, my daughter is ill, you want to celebrate holi. Gautam says Chutki is also our daughter, if Dhara and my kidney matches with her, we will be glad. Krish says I want my kidney to match with her, I can’t see her in pain. Dhara asks why don’t we celebrate kids’ happiness, its our duty, we will celebrate holi for their sake. They hold hands and smile. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…

The kids come back. Chiku asks Dhara to buy water guns for them. Suman says go and buy everything for them. Krish says come, I will buy it for you. He takes the kids. Rishita says we will get the tests done, will Shweta agree. Dhara says we won’t tell her. Dev says she will know when we have to go for transplant. Dhara says she won’t stop us from saving a child, you are her mum, you have a right. Rishita hugs her. Gautam gets emotional. Dhara hugs Suman. Rishita also hugs. Dhara gets the holi clothes for the kids. They see a red dress. Shesh says they got a good dress for Natasha. Mittu says its small. Dhara says it will suit you. Rishita says I got clothes for Shesh and Natasha. Dhara says I got it for all of them, Gautam is getting clothes for us. She calls Natasha and shows the dresses. She asks Natasha to wear any dress she likes.

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Natasha picks the white dress brought by Rishita. Rishita smiles. Natasha picks the red dress brought by Dhara. She throws both the dresses. She says its third class dresses, I will not wear it, my mumma is getting new dress for me. She goes. Rishita cries and picks the dresses. Everyone gets ready for holi. Gautam sees Dhara. She asks him to hide his alcohol bottle. She says its holi today, don’t drink at least today. He asks how do you know all this, you convinced the family to play holi together, my brothers hugged me after many years. He shows the colours he got for her. She cries. He says sorry Dhara. She says its 7 years, you made me wait for 7 years, you will apply colours to me after 7 years, this house will celebrate holi of happiness. He asks shall I. She nods. They apply holi to each other’s face. Ishq ye haye ye….plays.. Shweta calls out Krish. She says I will colour him in my colour today, where does he disappear, I m scared that he is playing holi with Prerna, no, if I catch him, then I will beat him. She asks Shesh about Krish. Shesh says he is playing holi with new chachi/Prerna. Krish runs after Prerna with colours.

Dhara says if our kidney matches, then we will give the kidney to Chutki, we are Natasha’s family. Natasha hears this. Rishita says she has heard our talk, she got scared and ran away. Shweta is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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