Pandya Store 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva asks Raavi to leave the house

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Pandya Store 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva asks Raavi to leave the house

Written Update

In today’s episode of Pandya Store we saw Gombi asking Shiva about the differences between him and Raavi. Krish and Dev advise Shiva to mend his ways with Raavi. Shiva asks Krish to keep his advice to himself and mind his own business.

Raavi tells Dhara that Shiva does not care for her anymore. Rishita tells Raavi to give a tight slap to Shiva. She asks her to grab him by his color and ask what is wrong with him and why he burnt the gift.

Shiva runs behind Krish to teach him a lesson. Gombi separates them. He tells Shiva that fighting with Krish will not help him. Shiva says that Raavi does not share anything with him and doesn’t even talk to him properly.

Shweta enters Raavi’s room and gives her the medicine to control periods, telling her that the medicine is for headaches. She apologizes to Raavi and says that she shouldn’t have told the family that she saw Shiva with the shirt. She pretends to blame herself and says that she is stupid.

The next morning Shiva sees Raavi packing his clothes. He wonders why she is not bothered to tell him where is she going and when will she be back. Raavi, on the other hand, is thinking that if she will talk to Shiva they will end up fighting and she will miss her flight. Shiva takes out the rest of her clothes from the cupboard and asks her to take them too with her. Shweta says that it’s her home too and she will not leave it. She takes Dhara’s blessings and leaves.

Shweta tries to befriend Krish so that he comes on her side. Krish laughs at her proposal and says there is no way she wants to be his friend. Shweta thinks that sooner or later he will fall into her trap. krish gives dry fruits to Dhara. Dhara plans to make dry fruit halwa with it.

Arnav wears the shirt Raavi gifted him. He shows the shirt to Raavi and she recognizes the shirt as the one she chooses for Shiva. She realizes that the shirts got swapped and perhaps this was the reason for Shiva’s anger.

Precap: Raavi tells Dhara that she is late on her period. She also tells her that she cannot be pregnant as nothing has happened between her and Shiva for the last few months. Shweta listens to their conversation. Dhaara warns her not to reveal this in front of the family or she will throw her out of the house this time.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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