Pandya Store 8th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara requests Arnav

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Pandya Store 8th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi scolding Shweta. She asks her to show some humanity towards Chiku. She gets a blanket. Shweta says keep it, I don’t want it, Chiku is my child, why do you care. Raavi says don’t show your attitude to me. She covers up Chiku. Chiku cries. Raavi goes. Shiva says I had a problem that Raavi had hidden things from me. Dhara says because.. He says I know I m possessive, I love her, she always explains me, I understand her, but this time I didn’t even try, I didn’t want to doubt her character, but she lied, she had hid things, so this problem happened, when she came in Krish’s marriage, I went to apologize, she didn’t forgive me, fine, I didn’t say anything, I know she can’t have any affair with anyone, but my heart raises questions. Dhara thinks they have made a big issue of this little thing. Raavi gets the milk for Chiku. She says I still have humanity, I m leaving the door open, if your ego gets frozen in cold, then come inside. Shweta laughs. Raavi asks am I a joker. Shweta says emotional joker. She scolds Raavi.

Shiva says her mistake is hiding things and lying, she didn’t talk to me, matter would have got solved, how shall I explain her. Dhara asks him to calm down, everything will get fine. She hugs him. He cries and says she is my love, I will die without him. She thinks Arnav is the reason, I have sort this out. Shweta and Raavi argue. She calls Raavi an emotional fool. She says you are alone in this entire world. Raavi cries. Dhara says I know you love Raavi with a true heart. Shweta says for Shiva, Dhara is more imp than your love, so he went to her, this happened because of Dhara, what happened today, she came to you and acted of supporting you, then she went to her family, she left you alone, she is the truth.

Dhara runs after some guy to get Chiku back. She shouts. She wakes up from this dream. Its morning, Dhara comes to meet Arnav. She says you fire Raavi from the job. He says she is talented. She says no job is imp than relations, my problem is, my family is shattered. He asks the matter. She says Shiva and Raavi are getting distant, you are one of the reason, they love each other, they are stubborn, Raavi won’t leave this job, maybe she shouldn’t this, but right now, their relation is imp, you fire her from the job. Arnav says this problem can happen anytime, Shiva has to change. Dhara says yes, but I can’t see them getting separated now, I request you to please remove Raavi from job. Arnav thinks why do I feel restless, she is just my employee. Dhara says you have to do this to keep my family united. He says it’s a difficult decision for me, Raavi is a good and honest employee, give me some time. She says fine, take time, but you have to fire her from job. She goes. Raavi comes and sees her going. Arnav says I will be left alone, did I fall in love with him, how will I fire her. Raavi asks what happened. He says nothing.

She asks why did Dhara come here. He thinks I have fallen for you seeing your dedication towards work, I can’t see you sad also. He asks her to take a break, because of family issues. She asks did Dhara come here to ask you to fire me, or don’t you think I m efficient in my work. He says calm down, you are overreacting, why would I decide on Dhara’s saying, take a break and focus on Shiva and your relation, I don’t want the work to come between your relation. Shweta begs on the road. Pandyas get shocked seeing her. Shweta asks for some money for the child. Dhara worries.

Raavi goes to the boxing ring and beats up Shiva. She scolds him for sending Dhara to office. He falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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