Pandya Store 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara lets Chiku go

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Pandya Store 6th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam getting a letter from the bank. Dev asks what is it. Gautam says nothing, I had applied for a loan. They get sad and recall his words. He asks them to go home. He tears the papers. Dhara says no one will stop Chiku, he can go, but never come back. Shweta asks what are you saying, I will explain him. Dev, Krish and Shiva come home. Dhara says relations work on own, one doesn’t have to force relations, Chiku will decide. Gautam comes. Dhara says its okay if he wants to be with you, its not Chiku’s mistake, its my upbringing’s mistake, my three sons are also leaving me. The kids ask them to stop Chiku.

Gautam says Chiku is our son, how can you let him go away. He asks Chiku to listen to him. He says I m your dad, I will decide, I will slap you. She says we lost this right of parents. She cries. She says we can’t force him, let him go. He asks how shall I let him go, he is my son. She says you couldn’t stop your brothers and house division, no, right? Then you won’t be able to stop Chiku, he regards Shweta his mum, not me. Chiku asks Shweta to come. Dev, Shiva and Krish stop Chiku.

Shiva asks Chiku not to leave. Chiku goes. Dhara stops Gautam and says we won’t beg anyone to stay together, just we both are there for each other. Suman cries. Shweta asks Chiku to think well, will he live without Dhara and family. He cries and thinks of them.

Shiva says calm down. The kids run to Chiku and ask him not to leave. Rishita says I will get Chiku. Dhara stops her. Rishita says Chiku is young, he doesn’t know right and wrong. Natasha explains Chiku. Chiku says everyone will get divided here. She says stop, we will give you a big party. He agrees. The kids hug her. Rishita says he is innocent. Dhara asks do you know the difference of right and wrong, what will you teach him, don’t go. The kids get Chiku back. Everyone smiles.

Dhara and Gautam hug him happily. Natasha says we are giving him a farewell party, so he came back. Rishita asks Chiku to understand, Dhara is his mum. Dhara says we will give him a farewell party, I want him to take good memories from here. She asks Gautam to make party arrangements. The kids talk about the elders fighting for house division. Gautam and his brothers look on. Dhara cries thinking of Chiku. She says this is Chiku’s Gullak, he likes to save money, this is his medicines. Shweta says I want to live with him, but I know he should be with you, how will you live without him. Gautam comes and hears them. Dhara says I will live without Dev, Shiva, Krish and Chiku. Gautam cries.

Dhara says the house is getting sold. Shiva meets Suman and asks her to stay with him. She refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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