Pandya Store 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Raavi’s argument

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Pandya Store 6th January 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara changing the rates. Raavi asks what did you do. Dhara says what is right. A man comes and asks for discount sale. Dhara says we have one principle, that’s to give good quality items at affordable price. The man argues with them and goes. More people come there. Dhara says come Raavi, Shiva will see the shop. Prafulla stops Raavi and says its her right to sit at owner’s place. The people pass taunts and laugh. Dhara says there is much drama happening here, if you want good for the shop, then go. Prafulla says she won’t go. Shiva says stop this nonsense. The people look on. Raavi says you didn’t do this right, you went against me intentionally, Shiva just knows your words. She goes. Dhara also leaves. Rishita goes for the interview. She gets the job. The man congratulates her.

Gautam comes to the shop and complains about Janardhan. He asks Shiva not to tell anything at home, Rishita will get more upset. Dhara says you always understood me, what happened now. Raavi says I think you dislike me, why shall I understand you, why can’t you understand me. Dhara says you have a right, but you should ask family. Raavi says you don’t trust me, I wasn’t getting the money. Dhara says our business model is to never send things on discount rates, you were doing wrong. Rishita comes home and thinks to not tell about the job. Kirti comes and cries. She hugs Rishita. Rishita asks what happened. Kirti says Dev didn’t do right, Kalyani and Janardhan had a fight and she left the house. Rishita worries. Raavi argues and says maybe you never loved me.

She says you wanted to show that you don’t value me. She goes. Dhara says how shall I explain her. Shiva gets happy when a customer comes. Kaka says we don’t have stock. Gautam says I will get it from godown. He says Shiva, I will get it from the other shop. Shiva thinks this way we will go in loss. Rishita comes to meet Kalyani at Nani’s house. Kalyani says I took this step to explain your dad, its the right time I stand for myself, how did you know that I m here. Rishita says Kirti came to me, come home with me, it doesn’t look good to come to Maayka in this age. Kamini and Janardhan come there. He says you are thinking wrong, I made a mistake, I should have told you the past, come home, forget it. Kalyani refuses. He says fine, as you wish, I had come to take you, I don’t think you want to go, you come on own when your anger calms down. They leave.

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Shiva comes home. Raavi argues with him about the store. He says you also got yourself separated from the family, what happened to you, everything was fine till now. He says some customers came and said we sell bad quality things in store, so we kept this scheme. He cries. He says Pandya store is like our mum, you tried to deal it. He gets upset and says you didn’t do right. She recalls his words. She thinks I will never forget this.

Suman blesses Dhara and Gautam. Anita is also at the hospital. Kamini says burn the hospital wing and end their hopes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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