Pandya Store 6th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Raavi refuses to return home

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Pandya Store 6th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suman apologizing and asking Dhara and Raavi to come inside. Dhara holds Raavi’s hand and comes in. Raavi doesn’t step ahead. She recalls Shiva’s words and refuses to come. She says no one respects me here, I won’t come back. She asks Rishita to take Chutki. Rishita says thanks, we should celebrate that we ousted Shweta. Raavi says its still not fair, take care. She leaves. Shiva runs after Raavi and falls down. He shouts Raavi. Suman recalls Shweta’s words. Everyone recalls Shweta’s words and cry. Shiva stops Raavi and apologizes. He says give me a chance. She says I don’t want to talk to you. He says sorry.

She says sorry can’t fix this, you insulted me in front of the entire world, you, me and our relation can’t get like before, you can’t return my respect. He says Shweta has plotted this. She asks are you a kid to believe her, don’t you know what your wife can do and what not, was this your love and faith, just think, if Shweta didn’t accept her truth, then what would you do, if you thought you were right, then tell me. He cries. She says if you doubted me today, then you will doubt me again, I can’t tolerate this, I can’t stay with you now. She goes. Bheegi bheegi…plays… He shouts Raavi and sits crying.

Rishita says Shweta has told us the truth before going, if Krish didn’t marry Shweta, then we would have not suffered this way. Dhara asks why are you blaming Krish. Rishita says if you and Krish didn’t use your mind, then we would have not suffered, Krish took this big step because he had seen your madness for Chiku. Krish says Shweta did what she wanted, will you become great by blaming Dhara. Rishita asks him to mind his language. He says I should give this advice to you, you can’t become great like Dhara, Dhara and Gautam always thought for this family first, you can never do this, what wrong did she do if she thought for herself, you feel Dhara has troubled the family for Chiku’s sake, why don’t you solve this, you have Chutki and also an option to get pregnant.

He says give Chutki to Dhara, we will start the foster parents process tomorrow in the court, Dhara will get Chutki, then there won’t be any problem. Dev asks him to mind it. Krish asks them to think good for the family once. Rishita asks does anyone give own child to someone. Krish laughs. He says you make Dhara do your child’s work, but you can’t give your child to her, you have no courage, but I had courage to give my happiness to Dhara, I did that, I will do it many times. Dhara asks Krish to get quiet. She says I don’t want Chutki and Chiku. She asks why did you do this, I asked you, you had sworn on me, I felt you love Shweta, you wanted to move on from Kirti, so I agreed, your one decision ruined it all, everything got shattered, I have become a sinner. She cries. Rishita says its not just Krish’s mistake, you are equally responsible for this, if you had seen this situation by removing Chiku’s love, then this would have not happened. Krish shouts on her. Dev shouts on Krish. Gautam asks them to stop it, and not do any more drama. They all leave. Dhara sits crying. Gautam holds her. Suman cries and says I hope this isn’t the start of coming bad time.

Raavi says I broke relation with Pandya family, it happened as you wanted. She tells this to Shweta. Shiva apologizes to Dhara. Dhara thinks to find a solution to join Raavi and Shiva’s relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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